Cute and meaningful Aquarius gifts

Aquarius celebrates birthdays from January 20th to February 18th. Aquarius is an air sign. People born in this sign live as if out of time, doing the things of earthly life only when necessary, other times just flying around. Aquarius is a sign of free spirit, so the scientific and technical sphere becomes their favorite occupation.

In this article we have compiled a gift guide for those who love everything about their zodiac sign. Here are some fun Aquarius  gifts both for men and women.

Aquarius Crystal kit

Aquarius gifts crystals

For those who believe in horoscopes a good gift idea would be some cute Aquarius crystal set. In the photo above we have put on a picture of how these crystals look. They come in gorgeous colors so this will be an amazing interior decor for Aquarius. The crystals will also serve as stones of strength and inspiration when needed. 

Besides, these crystals come in a very beautiful packaging. There is a card included which describes a sign of Aquarius as well as what the crystal stones and what they mean. For Aquarius who always wonders about the meaning, this will be especially cool. 

Aquarius Constellation Wall Decor

Aquarius gifts decor

There are many ways to incorporate your birth sign into your daily life. One of these ways is to get some stylish interior decoration, such as this constellation decor. It serves as wall art, and as it is seen in the photo, the Aquarius will be able to put it on the wall anywhere they would like. 

These decorative and practical wall panels from plywood are of amazing quality and look so fun to put on a wall. The Etsy seller also gives the choice of painting this decor in any acrylic color of the choice. So that is another fun way to make this gift even better – personalize it!

Gorgeous Aquarius bracelet

Aquarius gifts bracelet

Jewelry is one of the most fun Aquarius gifts to give in general, it is especially true if you are giving somebody jewelry with their birth sign. There are so many different kinds of Aquarius jewelry so we had to sneak in some in this article as well. Our first choice is this amazing Aquarius bracelet with some fun colored stones.

You can see the resemblance of the stones with the previously mentioned crystals. They are in similar colors hence these are the colors of the sign of Aquarius. Therefore all the meaning from the stones comes into this bracelet too. So there you have it – an amazing bracelet, beautiful and meaningful at the same time!

Cool Aquarius hoodie

Aquarius gifts

Aquarius, as many other signs do, loves comfort. It is a no-brainer that anybody would love to receive hoodies as their gift for birthdays or any other reasons for celebration. This black Aquarius hoodie is simple and classic yet with a stylish twist of a Aquarius constellation on the back and front.

Aquarius will love receiving a hoodie for their birthday. Getting clothing for somebody can be tricky, therefore a hoodie is an ultimate choice. It is easy to get the right sizing and all you really have to make sure of is choosing a comfortable and high quality material. And while you’re at it, make sure to choose a cool hoodie like this one! πŸ™‚

Personalized Aquarius decor

Aquarius gifts decor

The best presents out there have to be ones that can be personalized. It shows that you care about the receiver and want to make them feel more special. It is also good to choose a personalized item in order to show the Aquarius that you went the extra mile. Therefore we present this beautiful yet simple shelf Aquarius decor.

This beautiful decoration will have the name of the receiver on it as well as the sign – this is a gift guide for gifts with Aquarius symbolism after all. To make the gift even more meaningful and complimentary too – decor has some of the Aquarius qualities written down. To remind the receiver of their worth and make them smile once in a while. Neat and tidy, displayed on a desk or mantel place these small plaques make for a perfect gift.

Aquarius Throw pillow

Aquarius gifts pillow

Since Aquarius is always living in the future more than in the present, their gift should be somewhat futuristic and definitely cool. Combine that with the previously mentioned comfort, and you get a perfect present for the Aquarius with this amazingly cool sign pillow. As most things on Etsy, this pillow is totally handmade aka more special than store bought.

Since Aquarius loves taking care of their home space and creating an amazing interior, this will only compliment their choice of interior design. The pillow is colorful, showing Aquarius living her best life. Having wings, flying around – being in the nature of it all. What a cool gift to give somebody!

Art Deco Aquarius Poster

Aquarius gifts wall art

Wall art is another fun way to display your birth sign and give your room a little bit of character. This stylish Aquarius wall art is fun, colorful and bright. It will brighten up any place the receiver will choose to display it at. Art is a creative way of looking for fun Aquarius gifts!

The most amazing thing about this is that it is handmade and created with water colors. So it is not a simple item of wall art, it is in fact somewhat a painting. Prints are not framed so you will have to take care of it as well. Keep that in mind so you can order your gift right in time to get it framed too. 

Aquarius Zodiac necklace

Aquarius gifts necklace

Another piece of jewelry that we chose is these amazing crystal Aquarius necklaces. These are so fun to have in multiple colors so you can always wear one with whatever outfit you pick for the day. These necklaces are so cute, especially with the Aquarius sign attached to them. 

The necklaces are being custom made by orders so you can choose whatever color and crystal you would like. You can think of some of the favorite colors of your Aquarius friends or family or simply choose one of these colors. They are already picked out considering the color palette of the Aquarius liking. 

Aquarius star sign Earrings

Aquarius gifts earrings

And while we are still on the topic of jewelry, these Aquarius earrings are another great choice. When it comes to jewelry, everybody has their preference on the kinds of jewelry they wear. And we don’t really mean the style but more so the kind – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. If your Aquarius loves earrings, then that is the choice of jewelry you should make for their gift.

These earrings are made from silver and they are pretty small. Your Aquarius minimalist will definitely like these. They are representing the Aquarius constellation so if your friend or girlfriend that you are giving this to likes constellations more than the sign itself, this would be  a cool choice.

Aquarius Birthday Gift Box 

Aquarius gifts gift box

And if you are still unsure of what to get your favorite Aquarius for their birthday, a good classic is creating a gift box. Or, in this case, getting an already pre-made one from Etsy. This Aquarius birthday box is full with interesting and useful goodies that will let your Aquarius feel free and totally relaxed. What else could one want?

You Can choose from three styles of the boxes depending on the size as well as choosing a scent – vanilla, rose, jasmin, lavender, spring tea. In this gift box you will find a soy candle, bath bomb, vegan lip balm and so many other goodies. 

Hopefully this helps with finding you some useful and fun Aquarius gifts!

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