Cool Harry Potter gifts

Right now anyone can get lost in the wonderful Harry Potter universe considering all of the derivative works like exhibitions, studio tours and so on. It is a fun time to be a fan of such an amazing series of books and movies. If you are looking for cool Harry Potter gifts, this is the article for you.

There are so many different gift options suitable for any Harry Potter fan out there. In this article you can find 10 cool and unique Harry Potter gifts for both kids and adults.

Happy gift hunting!

Heat activated Marauder’s Map face mask

Harry Potter face mask

Right now cool face masks are an amazing gift idea. They are a great way to show off your interests and this face mask is definitely a conversation starter. Like the Marauder’s Map in the Harry Potter universe that only appears when specific words are chanted upon it, the face mask is black but reveals the map in warm temperatures or from the heat of one’s breath. 

The mask is reusable and wire nose adjustable. It also comes with a personal letter written by Professor Minerva McGonagall, which makes this gift so much more unique and cool.

Harry Potter chess set

For anybody who loves playing chess and also is a fan of Harry Potter, seems silly not to combine the both. Why have a regular chess board and figurines if you can have Harry Potter edition? As seen in the photo, Harry Potter chess can be truly cool looking and elegant in the same time.

This chess edition is totally authorized by The Warner Brothers, therefore that is not a thing to be concerned about. After Queen’s Gambit series many people have had an interest to learn how to play chest. This would be a cool chest starter for a HP fan.

Authentic Time-Turner Necklace

time turner necklace

An excellent way to introduce some magic into your friend’s or significant other’s jewellery collection is by gifting them an authentic Time-Turner necklace. It is the same necklace Hermione Granger used to attend more classes than time would allow.

The necklace is available in a bespoke display case, and the spinning components are fully working, just like the necklace seen in the movies. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who sometimes needs more time in their life.

Golden Snitch book lamp

Harry Potter golden snitch

Book lamps are an amazing gift for anyone who enjoys reading in the evenings or late at night. This book lamp is shaped like the Golden Snitch that Harry sought after in the game of Quidditch, so it is perfect for anyone who loves the books and movies.

The lamp is light, perfect for travel and powered by either batteries or USB. It is a great addition to any fan’s collection! We are sure than any Harry Potter fan has wanted one at some point. So this is a wonderful gift choice!

Hogwards LEGO set

lego set of harry potter hogwards

Hogwards is one of the most amazing fictional places that many are very upset doesn’t actually exist. It is such a magical place that we all wish we could go sometime, even if only once. LEGO has made it somewhat possible, in fact you can even build your own Hogwards from little LEGO pieces.

This LEGO Hogwards is an amazing activity to have fun and be super proud of the end result. This specific product has over 6000 pieces in it. It will be an acitivity that will take some time and patience for sure, however it could be such a fun thing to do with your friends and family.

The Book of Spells

Harry Potter book of spells

Almost every fan of Harry Potter has some or maybe even all of the books from the series. However, a unique addition to one’s Harry Potter book collection is this Standard Book of Spells, which is a replica of the spell manual for students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

The book contains enchantment spells, charms and curses with descriptions as well as Hermione Granger’s notes. It is a lovely book for young wizards, along with the more experienced ones.

Dragon egg bath gift set

Harry Potter dragon eggs

For those who like both magic and relaxation, this dragon egg bath gift set is a perfect treat. Each gift box is handmade and personalised with a message that can be written with invisible ink.

The set includes a dragon egg bath bomb, two mini bath bombs, crystals, a bath potion, a cotton face towel and a magic charm bracelet. That is certainly a great gift to someone who has made your life a little more magical this year!

Magic wand holster

Harry Potter magic wand holster

Maybe it so happens that your friend already has his Harry Potter magic wand, but no place to hold it. If you are searching for an original and stylish gift, look no further. This wand holster that allows the magic wand to be hung on a belt is a fun way to make one’s outfit unforgettable and ready for a duel at all times.

The holster comes in black, brown and all the colors of the Hogwarts houses. It can also be made a custom color for an additional cost.  

Harry Potter book set

harry potter book set

At this point Harry Potter is a story that will live forever. For those who are big readers, the Harry Potter book set would be an amazing gift idea. This is a story that could be re-read once in a while. So it would be amazing to have Harry Potter books at home with you forever.

What is even cooler, is that these books come in this wooden box, so the set is always placed together and never lost. It will undoubtedly look good on your shelf too.

Hogwarts Gift Trunk

hogwards gift trunk

For an ultimate Hogwarts experience, this gift trunk is a perfect gift. It is designed to look like the trunk that students would take on the Hogwarts Express for travel. 

The trunk can be purchased separately or with a set of collectables from Hogwarts or specific houses. There is also a mini trunk available with an across body strap. Each trunk comes with a personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter, which makes the gift much more memorable.

Harry Potter Writing Quill

writing quill

This writing quill is a remarkable gift for a collector and fan of Harry Potter who is into calligraphy or wants to try writing like their heroes from the books and movies. 

The set includes the writing quill, ink and a stand with a collector box for storage. For an even better gift, I would suggest also gifting some aged paper and letter envelopes so that the receiver can get to writing right away. 

Harry Potter dust jackets for books

dusk jackets for books harry potter

Dust jackets are perfect for keeping the original book covers safe from damage and give the original books a brand new look. 

These jackets are great for people who prefer a monochromatic and minimal aesthetic for displaying books. The original drawings on the covers are simply stunning, and a personal name or note can be written on the inside flap of the covers.

Hopefully you found some cool Harry Potter gifts in this article. Happy gift hunting!

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