Gifts for granddaughter

If you are searching for some fun gifts for granddaughter, then this is the right article for you. Since the gifts really depend of your granddaughter’s age, interests and other factors, we have taken into the account all of them.

In this article you will find fun, exciting and also useful gifts for granddaughter that she will surely enjoy. Happy gift hunting! We truly hope this article will be useful for you!

A cute jewellery holder

jewellery holder

Every lady loves some sort of jewellery. Some like it elegant and dainty, some other girls like it more noticable, colorful and bold. Whatever is your granddaughter’s preference, she could probably use a cute jewellery holder. We found this beautiful jewellery holder on Amazon.

What makes it special, is that she will always remember it is from her grandmother. It says to always remember who’s granddaughter you are, and to straighten your crown. What a cute and inspiring message to gift to your granddaughter.

Age appropriate board game

fun board game

Board games are coming back in style. Nowadays there are so many good board games and a lot of them. They’re the perfect way to spend time together with your family or friends, without the usual interruptance of phones or other kinds of screens.

What’s most important, is to choose a fun board game. You have to choose it based on the girl’s age too. Maybe she loves games about figuring out her future job, maybe she likes some quests or maybe she even likes some mind games. Or if your granddaughter’s a bit older, she could like a fun board game that’s full of jokes and funny questions.

Inspiring posters

inspiring posters

To make the room more cute and cozy, some framed posters would be an amazing idea for a gift. Whatever age your granddaughter is, you could find some cool posters that would suit her style. This colorful one is just an option for those, who love colorful, bright and happy posters in their room. Besides, it is truly inspiring and what a nice sight to see everyday.

Other poster options could be of their favorite characters, superheros, singers and bands and whatever else they are interested in. If your granddaughter is older, she might appreciate just a simple poster of some encouragement of a beautiful nature view.

Single use camera

camera gift

There’s a gift idea for your granddaughter if she loves being creative and taking photos of herself or anyone else around her. Photography is a fun hobby that lets you find new blossoms of creativity. If your granddaughter is into taking photos, maybe gift her for her birthday a one time camera.

There’s just something more fun and exciting about a film camera these days. While everything else is digitised these days, not knowing what the pictures turned out like can bring a certain mystery to the table.

A cute necklace with personalisation options

cute necklace personalised gift

Another beautiful gift for your granddaughter is this amazing silver necklace. It is one of those special ones because you can hide a photo or two on the inside of the necklace. That way whatever you choose to put inside it, will always be with your granddaughter.

Another option, of course, is to let your granddaughter choose what photo to put inside. However the gift is always more special when it is being personalised. Just something to think about – so many options to choose from.

Painting kit

painting kit

Another way to test your granddaughter’s creativity is by giving her a special painting, drawing, coloring kit. Anything that she would love spending her time on. It is super important to be creative at a young age, since that is a great way of expressing yourself. And who knows, she might get really good at it!

What’s fun about receiving a kit, is that everything you need is already packed. We all know that feeling when we get a gift but to fully enjoy it we must run back to the store for more supplies. Not with prepared kits. They’re great because your granddaughter will be able to start painting the second she gets the gift, if she likes.

Nintendo switch

nintendo switch

As many young kids these days, odds are high that your granddaughter also loves video games. There are so many great games to choose from, that will not only be enjoyable, but will also teach her something valuable. These days games are pretty smart and thought out, so even the most simple games can be played for a reason.

A Nintendo Switch is quite a popular device for games. It’s fun to use, it’s small, so it doesn’t take up much space. Besides, your granddaughter will most likely be able to simply carry it with her, take it with her on flights, car rides, roadtrips etc. 

If your granddaughter is still just a small girl, she might prefer some games, dolls, cute unicorns and stuff like that. This one gift from Amazon is just truly cute. We had to add it to this list too.

What is special about this little toy, is that it is not only pretty, it also changes lights. Granddaughter can use this toy as a little light lamp in the evenings before sleep. Besides, it also serves as a musical box. How wonderful is that?

Beauty supplies

beauty supplies

And, of course, there is also a gift choice for a real lady. If your granddaughter loves exploring new make up and she is on the older side, she would probably love the receive a new eye-shadow palette or something of that sort.

If you really think about it, then make up is just another way of being creative. And if your granddaughter is still too small to use real make up, get her fake one. There are many options in the toy store – make up in fun colors, made from completely not harmful products. She will feel like a real princess!

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Happy gift hunting!

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