Fun and useful Capricorn gifts

The Capricorns celebrate their birthdays from December 22nd to January 19th. Capricorns are usually described as result-oriented people, always with a big purpose in life in mind. Quite close to patience and logic – these are people who are always looking for a rational solution. If you were looking for some fun and creative Capricorn gifts then this is the right place.

In this article we have compiled a gift guide for those who love everything about their zodiac sign. Here are some fun Capricorn gifts both for men and women.

Capricorn Zodiac Crystal kit

Capricorn gifts crystals

Crystals have become all the rage when it comes to horoscopes and zodiac signs. Each sign has their own crystals. Some people believe these crystals have some healing and calming powers, while others just love them as an interior decor. Whatever it might be, these beautiful Capricorn crystals are a very cute gift to give your Capricorn for their birthday.

The kit comes with a few crystals. And do not worry – their meaning comes in an attached description so the Capricorn themselves can also learn more about their sign. Overall this is  a cute gift for somebody who loves detail. If you’re looking for gifts for Capricorn woman, this could be it.

Personalised Capricorn soy candle

Capricorn gifts soy candle

If the candle is elegant and beautiful enough, in this case also expensive, it becomes a great gift for the Capricorn. They love expensive gifts with a meaning, therefore this Zodiac Capricorn candle will be an amazing gift choice. 

This candle is made from soy wax therefore it is more eco friendly and sustainable. As most items on Etsy are, this one is also handmade which makes it more special and unique. Besides, to make it even more amazing, you can personalise this candle and write a note on it made specially for your Capricorn birthday girl or boy.

Capricorn necklace

Capricorn gifts necklace

One of the most common things to put your zodiac sign on is jewellery. As we have seen it is the most trendy way to do it therefore here is an option for the trendy Capricorn that loves their sign. This beautiful Capricorn necklace is an amazing birthday gift. It will forever remind the Capricorn about the cool person they are. 

The best thing about this necklace is the choice possibility. You can customize it, choose it gold or silver. On top of that, you can also pick the font of the letters to match your Capricorn’s aesthetic. Maybe it’s a cute cursive or maybe it’s the bold elderly writing. You can also pick the chain. 

Affirmation cards for the Capricorn

Capricorn gifts cards

Affirmations are very important to your well being in everyday life. People who choose to say affirmations to themselves often are more calm and confident – it all starts with believing in yourself. If you have a Capricorn friend that could use a daily reminder that they are an amazing person, maybe these Affirmation cards could be a fun way to remind them.

This is a pack of 11 affirmations and one intro card with a beautiful Capricorn symbol on the back of the cards. These cards are very well thought out and have amazing reviews. Besides, they look absolutely gorgeous so even placing them in a visible place will be a great choice for your interior design.

Capricorn Wall Art for Her

Capricorn gifts wall art

Capricorns love to frame things that are important to them so not only themselves but everybody else can see what they find important. Beautiful posters are cool gifts for Capricorn woman. If your Capricorn would like the combination of art and a reminder about their zodiac sign, then this aesthetically pleasing and simple Capricorn art piece will be a cool gift idea.

The poster itself is very simple and made in minimalism style however the message it carries is very wholesome. It is a reminder of every strength the Capricorn sign has. All the posters are printed on high quality linen paper for a beautiful textured finish. Reviews say that the poster comes in a non-fold envelope so the poster will be ready to be hung up on the wall! Keep in mind you will have to buy the frame yourself.

Big Capricorn Energy Hat

capricorn hat

There is beauty in simplicity and some Capricorns can really appreciate that. To find Capricorn gifts that are cool and useful at the same time is pretty easy. This basic but fun Capricorn energy hat will be the perfect birthday gift for anybody with a simple style. If they dress for comfort but still like adding something fun to their outfit, this could be the way to do so.

This hat is unisex so it will be the perfect gift for anybody – both women and men. You can even customize it and choose the color your Capricorn would most likely prefer. You can never go wrong with black and white, however a pop of color is always fun.

Snowdrop or Holly Birth Flower Mug

Capricorn gifts mug

So if while looking for Capricorn gifts you want to be more precise, figure out if your Capricorn’s birth flower is snowdrop or holly. Both of them can be seen in the photo above, snowdrop is for January however holly is for December. This Etsy seller has made two beautiful designs for coffee mugs.

If your Capricorn can’t imagine their day without a hot cup of morning coffee or afternoon tea, then a personalized mug will be a useful gift for them. Everybody has to have their own favorite mug. Maybe your friend doesn’t have one yet. Now they will have a cute mug that not only looks good but also comes with a special meaning. If you’re looking for cozy Capricorn gifts for her or him, this gift will be appropriate for both.

Capricorn Constellation Ring

Capricorn gifts ring constellations

If your Capricorn doesn’t wear necklaces as mentioned before, then maybe their favorite piece of jewellery is rings. Some people prefer different kinds of accessories, rings often make you feel more sophisticated and accentuate your manicure. These gorgeous rings are very dainty and simple, but hold a very important meaning.

They are made into the shape of a Capricorn’s constellation. For those who not only love their zodiac sign but also are interested in constellations, this gift is meant for. This ring is reasonably priced, made from brass.

Capricorn Sarcastic Tote Bag

Capricorn gifts tote bag

Tote bags came around at times when it has proven to be clear that plastic is horrible for our planet. An amazing way to help save our planet, even if just a little bit, is to replace your plastic bags with a reusable tote bag. And why not make it stylish and trendy?

This Capricorn definition tote bag is a perfect gift for anybody who loves sarcasm. If this line perfectly describes your Capricorn friend, then this gift is a must. Besides, the tote is made from natural cotton. It is simple but definitely long lasting and sturdy. 

Capricorn Symbol Bracelet for him

Capricorn gifts bracelet

This is a simple and tasteful accessory for a Capricorn man that loves wearing something on his arm. You can personalise this item by picking the color your Capricorn would love the most. Again – can never go wrong with a simple black or white, but the pop of color is always appreciated.

These Capricorn bracelets are made from waxed cotton and the bead charm is made of alloy. This bracelet also has a clasp closure. It is recommended you first find a way to measure your Capricorn’s arm so you can pick the best fitting size. Maybe you can find some other bracelet that he wears, and measure that one instead.

Capricorn HorrorScope Hoody

Capricorn gifts hoodie

Capricorns love to be comfortable and cozy. One way to make that happen is by wearing a warm hoodie. Everyone should have their favorite hoodie – this one is super cool because it has a horror version symbol of the Capricorn. For the horror and zodiac fans this will be the best way of getting them the hoodie.

This is also a unisex hoodie so it would be perfect for both men and women. However keep in mind that for unisex it is even more important to check the sizing. A regular Medium or Large means completely different things for the different genders.

Cozy Blanket for a Capricorn Lady

Capricorn blanket

While we are on the topic of staying cozy and warm, this blanket comes right up next as an amazing gift idea for a Capricorn. You can clearly see that the blanket is super soft inside but what is even more fun is the exterior of the blanket. It is a Capricorn lady blanket which means it can truly be a cool gift for anybody who would appreciate this kind of design.

The reviews of this blanket are really good which is always an amazing sign. Since the blanket can be used not only for warmth but also for interior, the visual is always important. This Capricorn blanket is a perfect way in the middle – it has a cool meaning but it also looks pretty tasteful and simple.

Hopefully you found some cool Capricorn gifts!

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Let us know if you find any other cool gifts from Etsy or any other platforms!

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