Birthday gifts for men

While looking for birthday gifts for men, it is important to combine something fun and practical. Gifts that can be used in their everyday life are always great. However they need to be fun and give men some sort of surprise and excitement. At times, the most unexpected birthday gifts for men turn out to be the best.

Therefore based on a guy’s interest, you can find great birthday gifts. In this article we have collected a bunch of fun and useful gift ideas for any man in your life – brother, father, boyfriend, husband, colleague, boss, uncle, guy bestfriend etc. These gift ideas are suitable both for active and practical men.

1. A romantic date in a fancy restaurant

dinner in a fancy restaurant

We tend to go to a restaurant to celebrate a special event in our life. Birthday is certainly a special time of year that calls for celebration. So a friendly lunch date or a romantic evening in a fancy restaurant could be one of those good birthday gifts for men. 

You could take him to a restaurant either on his birthday or give him a gift card – that way he will be able to go any time that’s most suitable for him with a person of his choice. Celebration doesn’t have to end on the day of birthday.

2. Barbershop gift card

barbershop gift card

Men, too, like to take care of their appearance. When it comes to barbershops, it’s not just a place to get a good haircut or beard trim. From the interior of the space itself, it is a modern place that still allows you to feel homelyl. The workers are professionals that use the best tools, cosmetics and techniques to achieve the best results for cuts and shaves.

Going to a good barbershop is equivalent to visiting a spa center only for men. It’s a male community where comfort and honesty go hand in hand with excellent service. The barbershop gift card is a great gift that will allow your man to look great and feel good in the meantime.

3. Fancy bottle of liquor

fancy bottle of liquor

A bottle of quality liquor is a great gift for a man that already has everything he could ever want and need. While looking for gifts for men, a bottle of liquor is not a bad choice. In scenarios like this you still want to get the birthday guy a gift, even if it’s a bottle of fancy wine. It can be quality wine and bubbly champagne, or something stronger such as whiskey or bourbon, or even gin.

To make this gift a little more special, you can make a personalized label for the bottle. Create it yourself using some fun photos, inside jokes, and well wishes for a good birthday and the year ahead. What a fun and creative gift it will be!

4. A sports watch for daily use

sports watch for everyday

Any man doing sports and keeping track of his activities would benefit from a new sports watch. These days they are so efficient and elegant that they are useful both in sports training and in everyday life.

The sports watch will provide a man with diverse functions that will make it easier to sport and allow him to keep track of his progress. Some of the most popular and common functions are GPS, step-counting, heart-rhythm measurement, stress and sleep monitoring, taking in count workouts and active time.

5. Wireless charger

wireless charger

Men are often into the newest technologies and trying them out. Any tech fan will certainly want to try if the wireless charger is as efficient as the usual charger. A brand of good quality must be selected and your brother or colleague will certainly be delighted to test out the charger’s quality themselves.

The wireless charger is a cool gift for anyone who enjoys new technologies for a more sufficient everyday life. Wireless chargers are easy to use because you do not need to plug the wires. Often wires cause a lot of annoying problems, plus they easily break with time. However the wireless charger doesn’t have this problem. 

6. A romantic getaway

romantic getaway

If you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend or husband, then a romantic getaway is a great idea. It will allow you to spend more time with him. Quality time together is often something you have to plan ahead – watching tv at the end of the day isn’t always a quality time well spent together.

This gift could be a trip together to some SPA resort, a hotel or even to another city. You both could relax, explore, talk, go for long walks and simply enjoy each others company.

7. Swim membership

swim membership

Another alternative to a gym membership is a swim membership. Especially if the guy loves swimming but just doesn’t seem to do it enough. He will love the opportunity to regularly go for swims – get some exercise and just have a good time.

This gift can also be great for a guy who wants to start leading a more active lifestyle. This will serve as motivating and inspiring gift for him to start being more active. Also – who doesn’t love swimming? It can be so fun and so good for your overall well being.

8. A cool t-shirt

cool tshirt for men

Another cool gift idea is a t-shirt. In most cases guys love to wear a t-shirt – it is easy, doesn’t require too much planning and can look very cool. Sometimes the most effortless looks can be perceived as the most fashionable. That’s why such a combo like a t-shirt and a pair of jeans will most likely never go out of style.

This is a pretty good gift idea for a guy’s birthday, name day or any other celebrations. The most important thing is to take into consideration his personal style. Try thinking what colors he prefers, simple or graphis t’s etc.

9. A reusable water bottle

a reusable water bottle

Everyone needs their own water bottle to take with you everyday to work or sports practice. Men are supposed to drink way over 2 litres of water daily. Having your own reusable water bottle will remind you to stay hydrated. Besides, purchasing one sustainable water bottle that will serve for years will save everyday spending on plastic bottles.

A good alternative is a smart water bottle, that will literally remind the birthday boy to stay hydrated with an app. Smart water bottles can be quite expensive but they are so worth it. For somebody who struggles to remember to drink enough water daily, this will be the most useful gift.

10.Game of laser tag with friends

lasertag game with friends

For a well-spent time outdoors with friends and perhaps even family, a good gift idea is a laser tag game. It can even be the second part of the birthday celebration  – good reason to continue celebration with an active game. It’s a fun way to spend your free time, try out your strategic thinking and free your mind from everything besides the moment. 

The laser tag makes you move, as well as work on your own strategy capabilities. The best thing about this gift is that the offer is up to date throughout the year. It’s a good idea to get this gift as a gift card, so then the birthday guy can schedule this activity whenever he feels up to it.

11. Cool sunglasses

cool sunglasses

If the man’s birthday is celebrated in spring or summer, a good gift is something seasonal. One option is a stylish pair of sunglasses. We rarely spend money on high-quality sunglasses ourselves, so to receive them as  a gift would be highly appreciated. Gifts for men have to be useful and well though out.

It is important to protect yourself from direct sunlight everyday, so sunglasses will be a gift that will also show concern and love for your loved one.

12. Gift card for a new tattoo

gift card for tattoo

For a man who likes tattoos and has been thinking about getting a new one for a while, a good gift idea would be a gift card for a fresh tattoo. Tattoos are not cheap to get, so with this gift you’ll help out the birthday guy.

Everyone has a different opinion about tattoos – some give each tattoo a special meaning, some just get them for the purpose of using their body as canva for art. While getting the tattoo gift card, it’s important to find a salon that’s professional and with high customer rating. 

13. Good quality wallet

good quality wallet

Wallet is a very important accessory that is not only practical and useful in everyday life of a man, but also good looking. High quality wallet is an important part of a man’s outfit. It can often be in charge of a first impression – whether it’s a first date or a business meeting.

If a wallet is going to be all torn up from everyday use, it will not leave a good impression. That is why a wallet always has to be up to date and looking fresh. If you’ve noticed before that the birthday boy’s wallet could use an upgrade, there’s a perfectly good birthday gift idea for you.

14. A fun board game

board game

A man who likes to spend time with his family and friends is always on the task of entertaining his guests with fun board games. Spending quality time together is crucial to whether the evening has succeeded or not. A good gift that could help a man become a good host is an exciting board game to play with his guests.

Board games are a universal gift that can be given to loved ones. Based on a man’s collection of already existing board games, you have to choose the right game wisely. Nobody wants to get gifted a game they already own. 

15. New sports wear

sportswear for men

If your birthday boy is always working out, looking for new ways to stay active or participate in some sports games, good and useful gift idea is brand new sports wear. It’s something that the man will definitely use. There simply can’t be too many sports wear since it’s something that needs to be changed every day.

They can be a new pair of cool and comfortable sneakers, new trainers, pair of good quality socks even! Same goes to t-shirts – they are the most universal piece of clothing from them all! Wear it to sports practice, wear it for dinner, wear it for an evening jog. Practical and cool!

16. Gym membership

gym membership

For guys who like leading active lifestyle, a good gift is something for their health. For example, a gym membership. It’s a good gift because it will be practical and the guy will for sure use it. Also it’s a very easy gift to get. Every gym offers to buy memberships or even gift cards.

Choose the guys favorite gym or maybe even make him try a new location. Some gyms are better than others, some have more spacious rooms, saunas, even swimming pools. Especially if your guy is willing to try out new gyms, this is your opportunity to surprise him.

17. Beer tasting

beer tasting

We have all heard of wine tasting, but there is also such a thing as beer tasting. It’s the same thing only except drinking wine you get to try out all kinds of different beers. For a real beer lover this would be the perfect gift.

Besides, not everybody realises you can get something like this for a person’s birthday. With a gift card these days everything is possible. Beer tasting will be so much fun, the guy can invite his friends or his other half to join him. Tasty beers and snacks? Yes, please!

18. A cool phone case

phone case

Another one of gifts for men is a cool phone case. Here it’s important to get the information on what kind of phone the receiver has. This will be an especially good gift idea if the guy has just got his new phone. Then a new phone case will definitely be useful.

These days you can use your phone as an accessory. To every outfit you can match up a new phone case. So make sure you choose one of good quality and one that the guy will love using.

19. A fun roadtrip


If you’re looking for a birthday present for somebody who loves going on adventures and exploring, a roadtrip together sounds like much fun. It could be a great time for you both to spend some quality time together, besides, a road trip leaves a lot of space for conversations, memories, singing along radio etc.

To make this trip even more memorable think of a good plan. Maybe book a hotel at some point so you guys can stay over in a city you’ve never been to. Find some cool tourist spots you can check out. Plan some stops for food or other activities. Birthday boy will surely appreciate the effort.

20. Wireless headphones

wireless headphones

If you’re looking for a practical present idea, try looking into some technology options. If your guy loves all things tech, then maybe something like wireless earphones or headphones could be a great option.

Everything with wires will sooner or later get replaced, so might as well start now. What’s great about wireless headphones, is that you can take them wherever you go. To school, on bus, while taking a walk etc. And the most important part – no more tangled wires.

21. A fun garden game

garden game

A good gift idea for an active guy could be some sort of a garden game. This is suitable for a guy who has his own garden or one who likes to go outdoors to the park etc. Then he definitely could use a fun garden game to spend time with hid family or friends.

Besides there are many to choose from. It can be a large sized twister, a game of badminton, frisby, maybe even volleyball, baseball, garden bowling and so on. There are so many options. Think about what the guy would most likely enjoy and the perfect gift idea is set.

22. High quality leather belt

leather belt gifts for men

Another practical gifts for men idea is a leather belt. It’s something that every guy undoubtedly needs so why not gift a really good one? Choose a high quality leather belt so it will last years and years for the guy. Often we choose some cheap belts and then complain that they break pretty fast. That’s why it’s important to invest in these kinds of basic items.

A classic belt can serve as a good staple piece that the guy will be able to use everyday. A high quality belt will look great with both everyday outfits and some elegant going out looks too.

23. Gift card in a bike store

bike store gift card

If your guy is a bike enthusiast, then a good idea would be to get him something for his bike. Now, it can be difficult if you don’t know much about bikes. Or if you don’t really know anything about the birthday boy’s bike needs. Then a gift card in a bike store can be a good alternative.

That way the receiver will be able to buy something for himself. Maybe it’s a new bike or maybe it will be useful to buy some bike accessories. Some bike stores accept gift cards to fix bikes too.

24. Fun colored socks

fun socks

If you’re thinking about getting a smaller gift or something to put together in a gift basket, then you can never go wrong with socks. The older you get, the more you appreciate the simple things in life, such as socks. Nowadays socks are a very fun accessory that can really make your whole outfit pop.

If the guy you are looking for the present for loves fun socks, give him some more! Find a brand that creates some colorful and creative socks and get him a pair. It would indeed be a great gift for the gift baskets. More on that, read in our article Gift basket ideas for your family.

25. Whiskey cooling cubes

whiskey ice cubes cooling drink

If the guy loves his hard liquor such as whiskey or bourbon, then it’s unimaginable to drink it without ice. There is even a whole name for this drink with ice – whiskey on the rocks, for a reason. However, nowadays there are more moderns creations. One of them is whiskey cooling ice cubes from stone or metal.

They serve with the same purpose as ice, to make the drink cool. The difference is that these stone cubes do not melt. Therefore your drink stays tasting the same. Maybe this would be a cool gift for a whiskey lover.

26. A flight with a hot air balloon

hot air balloon flight

A gift that will for sure surprise the guy for his birthday, is a flight with a hot air balloon. Birthdays are often seen as milestones, therefore also a reason to accomplish something crazy. Flying super high in the air in a hot air balloon is a dream to many. Maybe your guy also has this activity on his wishlist.

Flying with a hot air balloon nowadays is completely safe. It’s an amazing opportunity to feel the wind in your face, experience some amazing sightseeing and just feel the freedom of being in the moment. It is truly an amazing experience to get as a gift for your birthday!

Other gift ideas can be found in our articles Gifts for your brother or Luxury designer gift ideas.

Good luck finding an amazing birthday gift!

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