Gifts for your brother

Sometimes finding the right gift is a bit of a challenge. Even if we are looking for a gift for somebody close to us. If you have come across this article because you want to find amazing gifts for your brother, then you’ve found the right place.

If you are looking for something that could be a nice gift for your brother, we’ve got you covered. In this article you will find many different gift ideas for your brother – both younger and older

Gifts for your small brother

If your brother is younger than you, then he will most likely enjoy some interesting and fun gifts. Here are some gifts for your younger brother.

A Gameboy for a fun time

a gameboy for your brother

Game boy is a gaming console that allows one to play a bunch of different games. It’s small, portable and is something that your small brother will appreciate a lot. Nowadays when everybody has a phone already since a young age, this would be a cool alternative to play fun games on.

For many of us, this little Game boy console reminds us of being young. There weren’t as many options to play on back then, so maybe your little brother will appreciate this fun gaming version.

A scooter

a scooter

If your little brother is active and loves spending time outside, a scooter is a great gift that could make his time outside more enjoyable and fun. Make sure he’s aware of how important it is to be safe when riding a scooter so he doesn’t get into any accidents. It’s best if you gift it along with a helmet, knee and elbow pads so he is as safe as possible.

If your brother is a bit older – enough to be responsible about safety, an electric scooter is also a fun option. There are all kinds of electric scooters out there, ones that are also made for kids. Their maximum speed and range is a lot smaller than regular scooters, ensuring the safety even more.

A kite for spending time outdoors

a kite for brother

A gift that is a little old school, but surely is still a fun thing for kids. It’s best if your brother’s birthday is in spring or summer, so he can enjoy flying the kite in a nice weather.

It’s a nice gift because it can also turn into time spent together. If it’s his ever kite, then chances are, you will need to teach him how to fly it. Looking for gifts for your brother can be challenging, but so fun when you come across gifts like these.

A comfortable backpack

comfy backpack for brother

A comfortable backpack is a great gift that he could wear both in school and in his free time. However, make sure you match his personal taste – for example, go for his favorite color or his favorite brand. Maybe he is interested in a specific character right now from games or movies.

It’s best to choose a backpack with many pockets, so he can keep things organized and has plenty of space for his stuff.

Interesting board games

fun board games

Board games are fun, cool and there are plenty to choose from. It’s a nice gift for someone who likes to socialize with his friends and family as they are played in a company. Make sure you choose a theme your brother enjoys and surely he will be happy about your gift.

While board games are sure fun, it is important to realise that they also have many benefits to kid’s growing. Many board games are good for memory, team work, strategic thinking and so on. Just make sure you pick a game that is appropriate for your brother’s age – the game won’t be fun if it’s too hard or too easy for him.

A sustainable water bottle

water bottle

A lot of people struggle to drink enough water.  Owning a stylish water bottle is a great “hack” to this issue. Gift your brother a fun, sustainable bottle that will last him a long time and keep him healthy.

There are many different designs to choose from. It’s best to choose a material that will be durable, for example, stainless steel. Therefore, he will be able to take the bottle with him on his adventures without any worries of breaking it. It’s also a good idea to choose a bottle he can attach to his backpack – it’s way more comfortable!

Gifts for your older brother

In this section you will find some gift ideas for your older brother. Here we are more focused on finding gifts that could be useful and trendy.

Wireless headphones

wireless headphones

Whether he listens to music a lot, plays video games or works out – wireless headphones can be really handy. These days everything is slowly being made without wires, since it’s so much effective and easy to use in our everyday lives.

If you think your brother might use them more for playing games, go for bigger ones. If you think he will rather use them while working out, choose ear buds.

A smart watch

a smart watch

A smart watch is a great gadget that will keep a track on his daily activities, heart rate and keep him notified about incoming calls and messages. There are lots to choose – design, specification and price wise. So you will for sure be able to afford to get him the best possible option in your budget.

These days smart watches are not only functional but they also look good. Back in the day we only had sports watches that looked quite rough. Nowadays the smart watches are truly cool looking, elegant and simple. For a brother that appreciates class, this gift will be amazing.

A mini LCD projector

mini projector

A mini LCD projector can imitate the feeling of cinema in the comfort of your own home. If your brother watches a lot of Netflix and YouTube videos, a mini projector is something that he might use daily. It gives a whole different vibe to the room and creates an amazing movie watching experience.

Maybe your brother has always been interested in such gadgets. Or maybe he always dreamed about his own movie theatre. Then this gift idea is even more perfect for him. He will finally be able to organise fun movie nights with his friends and family.

Cool set of socks

The older we become, the more excited we get about fun clothing – and especially receiving it as a gift. When it comes to gift shopping for clothes, the sizing can be tricky. That is why we choose the most ultimate success gift that is also fashionable. Fun socks!

This set of socks is an amazing gift idea if your older brother loves experimenting with fun socks. They can truly give your whole look a pop of color and personality. Say goodbye to boring socks and let your brother create even more fun outfits with these colorful socks.

A set of high quality knives

high quality knives

If your brother loves cooking, find a high quality set of knives. It’s a gift that will last him a long time and make his passion for cooking even more enjoyable. This gift isn’t cheap so it will be even more appreciated. Real chefs definitely know how much high quality knives can cost.

If you want to make this gift even more special, you can book him a cooking course or a recipe book written by their favorite chef.

Cooking masterclass

cooking masterclass

However, based on the previous gift idea, if your brother does not know how to cook, maybe it’s time for him to learn. Men are usually pretty good at cooking hence there are so many male chefs out there. Maybe your brother truly loves food and would be curious enough to learn some amazing recipes.

In that case a cooking masterclass would be a fun and useful gift idea. To make him feel more comfortable, maybe you can go along with him. It would be a cool way to also do some sibling bonding time.

A grooming kit

grooming kit for brother

A grooming kit is a great gift for those with beards or mustaches. It’s a practical and useful gift, therefore you don’t need to worry, whether he will use it or not.

You can buy a pre-prepared grooming kit or buy every item separately. You can also add a moisturizing face mask. It’s no secret that men don’t pay as much attention to skincare as females do, but it doesn’t mean it’s not needed.

A coffee machine

coffee machine

There are ‘coffee people’ and there are ‘tea people’. If your brother is in the first group, look for a nice coffee machine that will make his mornings easier to bear.

There are many coffee machines in the market. Simple ones and advanced ones. If you are on the budget, go  for a coffee machine that uses coffee capsules. They are cheaper, have many kinds of capsules and the coffee tastes great.

Adjustable dumbbells


If your brother works out or wants to, you can motivate him by buying him adjustable dumbbells. He can adjust the weight himself and use them for different kinds of workouts at home. It is super easy and also motivating, when you already have your equipment right at home.

This is a great gift, especially for those who doesn’t go to a gym and prefers to work out at their own home. Maybe this will eventually motivate him to create his own home gym. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

A wireless Charger 3in1

wireless charger

Who doesn’t love some cool tech gifts? Buy your brother a wireless charger that can charge up to 3 different devices – his phone, his smart watch and earbuds. It’s a great charger for those who likes everything being organized.

If you still feel unsure about the gift, you can try out other methods to find the right gift just for him. Sometimes everything you need to know is written in the stars. Check out Zodiac sign birthday gifts – and who knows, maybe it will be one of the gifts listed above.

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