Luxury designer gift ideas

There are events, celebrations and over all special occasions when we want to give our loved ones a more expensive gift. Maybe it’s a special anniversary or graduation. Whatever it might be, luxury gift ideas are something to think about in these kinds of situations.

When you think about luxury gift ideas, it’s important to set the rules. First of all, make sure you decide for a budget you are willing to spend. Know that a luxury gift can reach a variaty of prices and it really depends of the item you want to gift. It can cost 100$ or it can also cost over a 1000$.

In this list we have compiled luxury gift ideas of a wide prince range, so you can decide for yourself what luxury means to you.

Smart water bottle

smart water bottle

Drinking plenty of water during the day is super important however it can be hard to do. For some people a daily reminder is more than needed to achieve the goal of drinking enough water. A water bottle can be a useful tool for that. But why choose a simple water bottle when you can get a smart water bottle that will make sure you remember to take a sip every once and a while?

A smart water bottle can be very useful for you to remember to drink water. It is connected to a special app that you can put all the details about you in. You put in the times the bottle should remind you to take a sip and it will. It will usually light up once or twice in order to remind you.

For somebody who doesn’t drink enough water, this kind of gift can be truly life changing.

Electric scooter

electric scooter

Electric scooters are all the rave right now. Whether you use them for transport or to have a fun activity, the main point is the same – you most likely do use them. Buying your own will always be cheaper than renting, therefore the same applies to electric scooters. If the person you are searching the gift for loved riding scooters, this is an amazing gift idea.

Before buying the first scooter you come across, we do suggest you check out some articles and reviews before. There are budget friendly scooters for around 500$ but there are also ones for going 1000$ and even more. Those are most often for experts though.

If you are looking for a scooter for a beginner, make it clear while searching for the right model.

A pair of Air pods


Wireless earphones are the new norm however many people still haven’t made the transition. It is often because of how expensive some wireless earphones can get. So if you want to get your loved one a really cool and a bit pricy gift, wireless earphones would be an amazing option from other luxury gift ideas.

Music is often so important in order to make you feel better, more confident or go though something special. It is amazing that with today’s technology you can listen to music everywhere you go. If the person you’re looking for the gift for loves music, get them a pair of wireless earphones like Air pods. They will not be disappointed.

A smart sports watch

smart watch for sports

Another one of our luxury gift ideas is a smart watch. It will best be suited for somebody who loves to be active, working out and doing anything else that requires moving a lot. The main function of a smart sports watch is to track your progress and health.

Of course this watch can also be used for anyone. As long as you want to become your better version and move move, this watch is for you. If you want to gift it to someone who wants to become healthier, a sports watch can really be a great motivator.

GoPro camera

go pro camera for adventures

For anyone who loved filming moments and making new memories, some sort of a camera will be a cool gift. It could be an oldschool film camera, an easy-to-use Polaroid camera or maybe even a GoPro camera.

It really depends of what kind of film making and or photography the gift receiver would like to do more of. GoPro cameras are amazing for catching fast movement and making sure you get the best possible video. It would be great for taking along running, biking, flying, traveling and doing really fun activities.

Designer sunglasses

sunglasses luxury designer

Designer clothes and accessories are always appreciated. If you know somebody who loves designer stuff, they will for sure be happy about the newest pair of sunglasses, for example.

While designer items can truly be super expensive, ithelps thinking about how much actually goes into creating a high value item. It isn’t only about the more quality materials. It is also all about the designer’s vision, the sustainability and purpose.

Besides some things are really worth investing in. A good pair of sunglasses can last you many years, especially if you choose a classic frame that will never go out of style.

Expensive perfume

It is similar with expensive perfume, which is mostly created by designer brands, too. But then again, designer perfumes are something to invest in because of their quality. We all have had a bottle of perfume that lasts only for so long. Therefore it is so nice to use a product that actually works throughout the whole day.

Besides designer perfume bottles always look so elegant. They might as well be considered as interior design decors. While gifts are mostly useful, it doesn’t hurt to get something that looks gorgeous too.

Drone for filming


Drones are super popular luxury gift ideas for a few years now. If you want to make the receiver very happy and get them the best upgrade for their filming career, a drone is the way to go.

With the help of a high quality drone the receiver will be able to get shots like no other. Since drones can fly up very high, it will create amazing cinematic shots of beautiful ares.

That’s all from us for now. Hoepfully you found some amazing luxury gift ideas!

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