Gift ideas for Taurus

Taurus celebrate their birthdays from April 21st all the way to May 20th. Taurus is the sign of the earth. The zodiac sign Taurus is characterized by a need for emotional stability and security, both of which are essential to the well-being of the sign. While keeping that in mind, we have collected some useful and appropriate gift ideas for Taurus.

In this article we have compiled a gift guide for those who love everything about their zodiac sign. Here are some cool and unique gift ideas for Taurus sign – both for men and women.

Taurus gift box

taurus gift box

Taurus signs do like practical gifts that can be used in their everyday life. Therefore the main thing to think about is if the gift is practical enough. That is where these already packed and prepared Taurus gift box sets are very handy. 

They are from Etsy therefore are most likely picked carefully with thought and love. There are two options to go for. The first option is a SPA box and the other one is luxury skincare products. Whichever suits your birthday Taurus the best. The packaging is beautifully done, with an added Taurus symbol inside it. 

Zodiac home decor

taurus zodiac gift decor

There are people who are truly proud of their sign. If your Taurus is one that loves being a true Taurus, then maybe a gift with the symbolism of the zodiac sign will be the best option. For example, this cool looking and very minimalistic Taurus home decor

It is made from steel therefore it is super durable and sustainable too. This home decor will last a very long time. And since it’s so simple by design, it is definitely timeless. For a Taurus who loves themselves a good interior decoration this one will be a fun addition to their home. Zodiac signs also make a great conversation starter, so this decor might just do the job of breaking the ice with some new guests.

Silver bull Taurus pendant

silver taurus gift necklace

We always manage to fit some sort of jewelry in these kinds of gift idea articles. If you are searching for some fun gift ideas for Taurus, jewelry can be it. This Taurus silver pendant is of very high quality, made from real silver. As many other gifts from Etsy, this one is created by an amazing artist.

This pendant can be bought on its own or with a necklace chain of your choice. The amazing Taurus necklace is totally unisex therefore it will make a great birthday gift for both men and women. The details of Taurus itself have been hand engraved which makes this jewelry, of course, a piece of art to have with you on a daily basis.

Taurus birth crystal set

birthstone gift taurus

If your birthday Taurus is into horoscopes and zodiac signs, then odds are they might know their own crystals too. Birth crystals and rocks play a common role in our zodiac signs since every sign has its own rock or crystal, as well as colors and what they represent. This next gift idea is a Taurus birth crystal set of some cute and beautiful items.

Some believe that these crystals possess a healing power to them. This specifically handpicked set of crystals have been made for Taurus. The crystal set consists of red jasper, carnelian, amethyst, nephrite jade and rose quartz. They will be beautiful to set on a shelf of Taurus’s choice as well as a meaningful gift.

Cool zodiac t-shirt

taurus t-shirt gift

T-shirts are one of the easiest pieces of clothing that can be gifted. You don’t need a specific size because who doesn’t love an oversized t-shirt? Especially if it is vintage looking and has a deeper meaning, such as a zodiac sign on it. These fun Taurus t-shirts are perfect for anyone who loves their zodiac sign and wants to show it off.

These t-shirts are of good quality, made totally from cotton. The print represents a Taurus woman – strong and confident. Therefore this shirt can also represent inspiration. It can remind your Taurus woman to always be strong and confident of her values. 

Minimalist Taurus decor

taurus decor gift

The Taurus zodiac sign is a very fun one, because it’s symbol can be made into fun art objects. Therefore we have found another cool piece of art, this Taurus minimalistic decor. You can get it in bronze, black or white. As feng shui emblems, the bull and cow are most commonly depicted as the wish-fulfilling animals which grant wishes for those who respect them.

This message can be gifted to your Taurus, too. That way you will indicate that this is not just a decor. It is a thoughtful gift and interior decoration that will serve as an amazing piece of inspiration. 

Cute Taurus necklace

taurus necklace gift

A way to combine two gifts that we have already mentioned in this article, necklace and birthstone, here is how. This Taurus necklace has a symbol of the sign as well as its birthstone in green. It is a very cute and dainty piece of jewelry to have with you on a daily basis. Since Taurus is an earth sign, the crystal is portrayed in green color.

Overall this necklace is made into boho or hippie style. If you are looking for gift ideas for Taurus who loves this style, the necklace will be perfect. It is simple and therefore easily added to a variety of outfits. The best gift is one that can be used many many times. 

Cute Taurus birthday gift set

taurus gift set

For a Taurus that cares about the well being of itself and the planet, choose this amazing pre-made gift set. It is called a zen gift set because it consists of products that let you have a relaxing time. For each gift box you can choose a different scent – lavender, vanilla, spring tea, jasmine and rose. 

The seller is clearly an amazing gift creator. On the page you can see how many options there are for each gift box set. There are many varieties you can choose, depending on what holiday it is you’re getting the gift for. And also how big is the birthday – maybe it’s a more significant age that calls for a bigger present this year. 

Taurus zodiac print

taurus print gift

If you are looking for an addition to your gift, something meaningful and cool, then this Taurus zodiac print will do the job amazingly. Since this article about gift ideas for Taurus is for those who love everything astrology related, they might love tarot cards too. And this print design is specifically made for those who love the look of tarot cards.

Now your Taurus can have their own huge tarot card to put on the wall as decor. Besides, you can select different sizes. However these prints are available in standard measures for easy framing, both American and European standard sizes. 

Taurus zodiac candle

taurus zodiac candle gift

For all the candle fanatics, Etsy is the real place to find an original and truly unique candle. The ones that can be bought from regular stores your Taurus will probably have at some point. So you most likely will want to surprise your Taurus friend with something more meaningful and special.

These Taurus candles are available in this gorgeous light green color. They have an engraved Taurus symbol on them. The best part about any candle is its scent. This candle’s fragrance unfolds with a bold citrus fusion of bergamot, lemon, lime & sweet mandarin, harmonized by a floral bouquet of cyclamen, freesia, rose & jasmine.

Zodiac pac energy bracelets

taurus energy bracelets

Taurus is an earth sign that prefers some earthy tones, including green and blue colors. This Taurus set of four bracelets is an amazing gift idea for anybody who loves wearing bracelets. It doesn’t clearly state that they have anything to do with the zodiac sign so only your Taurus themselves will know.

This beautiful present consists of Green Aventurine, Pyrite, Malachite, and Lapis Lazuli 4mm bead energy bracelets. They will make sure your Taurus is feeling amazing every day plus look super cool. Besides, these are hand made which just adds to the meaning of this creative gift idea for your birthday Taurus.

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