Sightseeing from a hot air balloon

Flying in a hot air balloon is an experience of a lifetime. It is in the to-do list of many people, and we truly understand why. It is one of the many ways to feel complete freedom and not think about anything worrysome while you’re flying so high in the air. Besides, sightseeing from a hot air balloon is unforgettable.

If you are looking for an amazing gift idea for somebody who loves adventures, consider sightseeing from a hot air balloon. There are so many benefits and reasons why everybody should try out this adventure at least once in their lives.

Here’s why flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing experience!

Reasons to gift a hot air balloon ride

hot air balloon flight

Flying with a hot air balloon is an amazing gift to receive and give others. It will give you a chance to fly hundreds of meters above ground, allowing you to see breathtaking views. Read below to find out about even more reasons why choose a ride with a hot air balloon as your gift!

An hour of beautiful sightseeing

Flights with a hot air balloon usually last somewhere around the 1 hour mark. Although when planning your adventure, it is important to be ready for multiple hour stay. From instructions before flight and the flight itself to the glass of champagne after a successful flight can take up to 3 hours.

The most amazing part of riding with a hot air balloon is the gorgeous views. Being so high up in the air is a rare opportunity. Slowly drifting in clouds can be truly peaceful. Especially when you have a chance to admire the beautiful views and enjoy sightseeing in the countryside. 

Riding with a hot air balloon can also take place in a city but it is most common to experience it in the countryside – it is more beautiful and also a lot safer. It’s important to mention that every flight is very safe since it’s being organised by professionals.

A chance to fly like a bird

Many have had a dream to fly. Some in their early childhood, some still do to this day. Therefore some become pilots, but some choose other ways to get the flying experience at least once. Flying with a hot air balloon is a pretty close way to experience actual flying.

You can close your eyes and pretend to be a bird, high in the skies. Feeling only wind on your skin. It is truly beautiful. And such a freeing feeling. Besides it is not only grownups who are allowed to enjoy hot air balloon flights. Kids can also participate – though with their guardian, of course. 

Original gift for loved ones

Another great reason to give this gift to someone special is because it’s an original one. It isn’t an everyday occurrence when you receive such an adventure for your birthday or any other special occasion. 

It is always better to give something that your friend or family member will find useful and exciting. Unfortunately we all have experienced last minute gifts that can be pretty useless and just store up in your home. Therefore it is always a good idea to give something that will bring joy. An adventure that will bring good memories and a good time!

Get over your fear of heights

Fear of heights is a very common fear that many of us possess. And it is completely natural to fear your body being put in dangerous situations. And maybe a ride with a hot air balloon can fix this fear for good.

The best thing about battling this fear with the help of a hot air balloon is how slow the balloon is taking off from the ground. It doesn’t happen fast and all of a sudden. It’s a gradual process that will allow you to get used to the scenery slightly changing. That way, if you’re ready to conquer your fear, a hot air balloon isn’t a bad option for this!

A great way to celebrate

And finally, birthday gifts are supposed to bring joy. And who said that celebrations have to end when it hits midnight again? A hot air balloon ride can be  away to keep on celebrating your birthday or, for example, graduation. 

It can be a fun adventure to remember forever and think back – I had such a wonderful 18thst or 55th birthday. Finishing studies and graduating is also a huge cause for celebration. What better way than with a huge hot air balloon!

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And have a wonderful ride with a hot air balloon!

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