Unique gifts for Aries

Aries celebrate their birthday from March 21st to April 20th. They are born in the sign of Fire, so there is a strong willpower in their life that alternates with impulse and spontaneous ideas. If you are currently looking for something to give to Aries on their birthday, then in this article you will find some cool and unique gifts for Aries.

When describing the Aries itself, one must immediately mention their inexhaustible ideas. The creative spirit plays a big role, because often their ideas are quickly replaced by others. It also explains the Aries’ fast-paced lifestyle – a curious nature, a dynamic daily rhythm and enthusiasm for everything.

In this article find some gifts for Aries that are meant for somebody who loves their sign.

Aries Zodiac print

gifts for Aries

When it comes to Aries, they are passionate leaders that enjoy the flow of life. It is important for them to be the first one in everything – it also means being the first one to trends and different styles. This amazing Aries Zodiac print from Etsy is a cool example of the life that Aries is living.

There is a flow, there are some fun colors and modern execution of them. If your Aries loves modern design they would definitely appreciate something for their home. This piece of art is inexpensive therefore it is a nice addition of an already existing gift if you have one. Make sure to wrap it beautifully and make Aries guess what it is! Surprises are the best!

Aries Crystal kit

crystal set aries

For those who love zodiac signs there is always a deeper interest in the whole astrology sphere. If your Aries is the same way they could possibly appreciate their birth crystal kit. This amazing Etsy seller has created crystal sets for every sign of the zodiac. The Aries one is, of course, made from crystals in fiery colors of the Aries color pattern.

It’s always fun to have some beautiful crystals at home, whether you believe in their healing powers or just want to use them as decoration. What is special about this kit is the attention to detail. Crystals come in this simple bag as well as a card explaining all the different crystals and their meanings.

Fire Sign t-shirt

aries t-shirt gift

T-shirts are a fun way to express yourself and show your personality through clothing. It is also a fun gift to give others for many reasons. The first one being – it is very simple. You only need an approximate size because oversized t-shirts are modern and honestly always in style. This cool Fire Sign t-shirt can be a great gift to any fire sign, including Aries.

One of the most common traits of Aries is them being proud of themselves, including loving their own sign. If that’s the case then this t-shirt could be a fun gift to receive. Besides, if the case is the other way around, then this kind of gift will only make Aries feel more confident and loved. It can serve as a reminder to keep that fire in themselves lit.

Aries Manifestation Candle

candle aries gift

If we could, we would love to get only candles for our birthdays. They are just such a universal gift to give – great for everybody. One of the reasons being that candles nowadays are made like true art pieces. This Aries Manifestation Candle is an amazing example of how a simple candle can look stunning. 

Manifestation is a great everyday gratitude practice that lets you imagine your dream life. It is perfect for those who believe that thoughts have a huge power to them. This beautiful candle will not only serve as an amazing decoration but also provide some manifestation instructions. That way your Aries friend can now achieve anything they want. 

Aries Constellation Bracelet

gifts for Aries

Constellations are one of the most beautiful symbols of the Zodiac representation. It is a nice choice of symbol to have on your clothing, accessories and also jewelry. Mostly because not everybody can recognize every constellation, therefore it is very special to the owner of the said item. 

This cute Aries constellation bracelet is a special gift choice for anybody who loves wearing jewelry in their daily life. Similar to a bunch of other items on Etsy, this one is also hand made, crafted with special care and attention to detail. This will be a cute gift for you other half.

Aries themed Scrunchie

gifts for Aries

You can find items with your zodiac sign almost everywhere these days, even in the tiniest accessories such as scrunchies. This gorgeous Aries scrunchie is a beautiful gift or an addition to a gift. It will make your Aries truly happy if she loves getting ready and paying attention to the smallest details of her look. 

This light blue scrunchie is made with a fun and yet minimalistic Aries design pattern. On it you will find the designs of Aries symbol, constellations as well as the birth flower of the Aries zodiac sign. It’s a fun little gift to surprise your Aries with for their birthday or any other holidays.

Simple Aries bracelet 

aries bracelet gift

We always try to include some gifts that can be given to both women and men in these articles. For your beloved Aries this cool Aries bracelet could be a fun gift to give to. It is a fairly simple bracelet which means it will go great with any outfit and other accessories your Aries might be wearing on a daily basis.

The bracelet is adjustable therefore there is no need to struggle with the choice of the right sizing. The best part about jewelry like this one is that they can be personalized. You can engrave a special message on the back of the shown constellation portion of the piece. The gift can be easily turned into a personal gift!

Aries Gift Set

aries gift set

Sometimes the best choice is an already pre-made gift set. Those can come in handy when you’re looking for the gift last minute or don’t know the receiver too well. Since you are looking for gifts for Aries, it is more likely the first option.

This cool Aries gift set is inexpensive yet very personalized. There is a fun Aries wall art attached as well as a lavender bag and a beautiful card. It is a fairly simple gift but the whole Aries theme just really makes it pop. We would love to receive such a gift from our friends or maybe even colleagues.

Aries Phone Case

phone case aries

Phone cases have become something not only practical but also stylish. These days you could really just collect phone cases and use a different one for each day or special occasions. Let’s say you’re feeling rather Big Aries Energy today so you might want to use your Aries phone case. And all you really need to know about the receiver is their sign and phone model.

The best part about this gift is the wide range of options. There are a few phone cases that are made for the character of Aries yet you can still choose the most appropriate one for your friend. It is a fun and practical gift because there can never be too many phone cases to change once in a while. 

Aries Zodiac Sign Socks

aries socks gifts

Socks are another cool gift idea if they’re special enough. The older we get the more we start appreciating the simple gifts, such as clothing and accessories. Socks can be a very unique gift if they’re chosen carefully. Nobody wants to receive a 5 pack of basic socks in case you really needed and asked for them. Thankfully nowadays there are so many fun options, like these Aries socks.

They are still simple enough so you could wear these socks with a variety of different outfits. However they have a fine Aries print on them that looks both classy and modern. These are the kind of socks we’d like to receive on any day.

Big Aries Energy mug

big aries energy mug

Mugs are a good gift idea for any tea and coffee lover. Especially if these mugs are personalized, at least slightly like this Big Aries Energy mug. It is simple but that often just means timeless. Such a mug will look great on the kitchen shel both now and ten years later. It’s minimalistic and never goes out of style.

Although the design of the mug itself looks pretty basic you can tell its shape is slightly unique, as anything that comes from Etsy really. Gifts that are handmade will always call for special attention to detail. And the personalization for Aries specifically only makes this gift that much more special.

Constellation Artwork

aries art gift

Another great gift idea for anybody’s birthday is art. There are many variations when it comes to Zodiac signs and art that represents them. The first art piece in this article is very different from the one we want to show you here yet they both make an amazing gift idea. It all just depends on what your Aries would love the most.

This Constellation artwork comes with a Van Gogh quote who also happened to be Aries. It is a fun gift that will look amazing in Aries house. Besides, you can personalize this one too – by choosing the background color of the artwork.

Handmade Sterling Silver Aries necklace

silver necklace aries

And last but certainly not least, here is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn both by men and women. This Aries Silver Necklace is handcrafted and is clearly of high quality. We always manage to put in a piece from this seller since the work they do is magnificent. 

This exact pendant and chain are made from 925 sterling silver and oxidized in the process. That means long lasting quality which is one of the most important parts about purchasing a jewelry piece. You can customize it by the necklace’s length. 

So here are our gifts for Aries that we found on Etsy. We hope you found these useful! Find other ideas in the article Birthday gifts for Aries woman.

If you have any other ideas feel free to let us know!

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