Gifts for 12 year old boy

When looking for the right gift for somebody, their age is something to consider and take into account. Especially if the person you’re looking for the gift for, is a child or an early teenager. This article is for those who need to find the right gifts for 12 year old boy, wether it is your brother, your son, friend, classmate or friend’s kid.

In this article we have put together some cool gift ideas, that a young guy could enjoy. They are exciting and fun, as well as useful in their everyday life.

Hope you find what you were looking for!

His favorite Marvel or DC poster

marvel poster

Boys tend to like superheroes, and who can blame them? Cool dudes in fun suits with magical powers, who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the day? Say no more, we are fans already! Having a superhero phase, when you’re young, is a must. So we are concinced that this boy is no different.

Your tast is to find out which superhero is his favorite, and find a poster to print out for him. That would be an amazing decor for his room. He might have posters on his walls already, but it will look even better if this poster is framed. He will love it!

Bike wheel lights

cool bike lights gift

Since it can be hard to find gift ideas for 12 year old, think of what he loves doing in his free time. If the birthday boy loves riding his bike, think about ways to make this experience better and even cooler for him. One way to do so is by adding some fun lights to his bike wheels.

Bike Wheel Lights is an original gift idea. Not everybody has it but everybody definitely wants it for sure. These specific lights are meant for both wheels and they are in a blue color. The boy will be feeling more safe and cool at the same time.

An interesting board game

interesting board game

It can be challenging to find gift ideas for 12 year old. Board games never go out of style. Even now when everybody has many screens of phones, iPads, computers, tv’s and so on. It is already refreshing to pick a game that isn’t inside screens. If the boy you’re searching for a gift for would agree, then a good gift idea can be a fun board game that he will be able to play with his friends.

There are so many fun board games to play. Since the birthday boy is around 12 years old, there can be many games he doesn’t know about. Maybe you can even get him your favorite game from years back, that he should play at least once. 

Gaming gift card

gaming gift card for boys

But if the birthday boy loves gaming and wouldn’t want to play board games, it’s clear that he would appreciate something in the gaming world. Buying new games can be risky so the best option is to find a good gift card that he would appreciate.

Nowadays there are gift cards in many gaming platforms. For example, you can get a gift card for Xbox, for Play Station, for Fortnite, for Steam etc. More on the options read in the article Best gift cards for men

If the boy is into gaming, a good gift idea could also be a high quality gaming headset. Find out more about the best brands in the article Best gaming headset brands

A dart board

dart board for boys

A fun activity is throwing darts and trying to hit the target. It’s a fun way to spend time outdoors and get a little competitive with friends. Besides, it also trains the boy’s accuracy and the ability to focus. 

A dart board isn’t necessarily something to play outside. If the boy doesn’t have a garden then this game could also be played inside a larger space. But it’s always better to play it outside. Then it’s a great excuse to spend time outdoors and breathe fresh air which we could all do more of. 

An electric skateboard

An electric skateboard

A skateboard is a cool gift idea for a boy if he likes spending time outdoors and hanging out with his friends in the skate park. Maybe he would like to get a scooter or a specific kind of bike. That you’d have to find out so the gift idea is more clear.

If the birthday boy already has a skateboard, maybe he would like an upgraded version. Nowadays everything comes in electric modes too – bikes, scooters and skateboards. It would make skating a lot easier and even more fun.

Projector from wonderland

projector from wonderland

For those who are interested in magic or perhaps even space, this next gift idea is truly unique and super interesting. It is a lights projector that can turn the boy’s room into a magical starlight room. The projector is creating some amazing lights and shapes, that you can actually control.

Besides that, it also has some soothing sound options for those times when the boy is struggling to fall asleep. Therefore this gift just got even cooler and now you have to get it for sure! We know we will be doing just that!

Funny dinosaur t-shirt t-shirt with dinosaur

Most 12 year old boys like to express themselves one way or the other. Sometimes it can be done through clothing. What you wear can say a lot about who you are – your style, your interests and so on. If the boy loves wearing it all on his sleeve, then get him a fun t-shirt or a hoodie.

A fun option is a dinosaur t-shirt from Dinosaurs are cool and they can represent so many things. For example, one of the most famous dinosaur T-rex is a strong leader.

An electric scooter

electric scooter

Boys at this age might start liking speed and testing out their limits. A safe way to do that is trying out an electric scooter that is made entirely for kids. Electric scooters indeed can be quite dangerous, that is why they have made special scooters for kids – their range and speed is a lot smaller than regular scooters.

This would be a fun way to get the boy outside in the fresh air. And a safer way for him to go to school and back in time, perhaps. Depends on the location. Either way electric scooters are super fun, and that is a great way to make your kid full of enthusiasm about going places.

A self cleaning water bottle

water bottle larq for everyday life

A trendy and useful gift idea is a water bottle. Everybody needs one and the odds are the boy always has his backpack with him anyway. So a good and high quality water bottle is a great gift idea. It will help him stay hydrated and do it in a cool and eco-friendly way.

If the boy loves being outdoors, then maybe the best water bottle would be a self cleaning one. It is important to remember to clean your bottle every day, so why not get one that does it itself?

Something from the Star Wars merch

star wars merch for boys

Star Wars is a franchise that doesn’t get forgotten still years and years later since the first ever made movie. There is still a bunch of merch that keeps everybody reminded of these series of movies. If the boy you’re looking to find a gift for also loves Star Wars, then a gift idea is clear. Get him something from the Star Wars merchandise.

Options are nearly endless. You can think of a gift that the boy would need to use in his everyday life. Maybe it’s something practical. And so it wouldn’t be boring, get a Star Wars version of it. Starting with mugs, mouse pads, bedwear all the way to fun t-shirts, hoodies, posters, stickers etc. 

A challenging balance board

balance board as a challenge

Another trendy gift idea is a balance board. It’s a cool gadget to have at home and use both with friends or alone. It can be a friendly competition of who is better at keeping a balance. This gift will serve as a healthy challenge, since boys at this age most of the time have a lot of energy and not a lot of options on how to get rid of it. This is it!

But this gift is great because it also has many health benefits. The balance board will make the boy think about his posture and help strengthen his core and back muscles. Besides, he will be able to use his balance board any time – even while watching tv.

Adventure on dirt bikes

dirt bikes

And lastly, boys love adventures outdoors and driving. Speed might seem like a very interesting and yet unattainable thing to them. Even though they are not allowed to drive a car at 12 years old, it is allowed to drive a dirt bike if the parent is present. That would be such a fun activity to do with your dad or some classmates with the same interests.

That for sure is a fun adventure for any 12 year old boy who enjoys the feeling of freedom and the sound of motors. This adventure would happen on a specially made racing track for dirt bikes. They aren’t hard to control therefore it is a pretty safe activity.

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Happy gift hunting!

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