Funny coffee mugs – great gift for friends

When looking for a perfect gift for your friends, it’s time to look for something useful and maybe even funny. Mugs are great because nowadays they come in such funny designs and texts. You can pretty much put everything and anything on a mug. Funny coffee mugs are the perfect gift ideas for friends, close relatives and family members.

You use your favorite mug daily, when drinking coffee in the morning or your favorite tea to warm up in cold winter evenings. Either way your funny coffee mug will always remind the gift receiver of you and the fun times you’ve had together.

In this article we’ve compiled a list of funny coffee mugs that your friends would most likely love. Check them out!

Being my friend is the only gift you need

friend mug gift

One of the most beautiful things in friendship is being able to tell each other exactly how it is. It often means being silly, goofy, funny and also sarcastic. If you hear your friendship in this describtive text, then the following mug will be for your friend.

This is the Friend gift mug that your friend will have a laugh at but also love dearly. It will serve as a reminder not to take your friends for granted and that they will always be there for you for a good old laugh.

It’s too peopley outside

people mug funny

We all have a friend that’s very introverted and would rather do anything else except go out to crowded places. And that is totally okay, since we have the right mug just for that kind of friend.

This fun mug is a cute one, it says It’s too peopley outside. And when it does indeed get too peopley outside, why not stay in, watch a good movie with a cup of hot chocolate? Sounds like a lovely evening to us. And a little joke certainly can’t hurt.

Today I will do absolutely nothing

sloth funny mug

This funny mug serves the message very clearly. Start your day the slothy way. Sloths are known for being very lazy which might be the reason your friend has found them to be their spirit animal. If that is the case with your friend, then this is the perfect mug. And how cute, too, right?

The Sloth mug is like a confirmation to take a day off. Relax, take care of yourself and do absolutely nothing today. We all need days like these and a friend to remind us to take one once in a while.

I’ve got your back

ive got your back mug

Another fun mug idea is this one, representing the love for this friendship in a funny and jokingly way. I have got your back is one of the most important sayings in any friendship. You need a friend who will be there for you any time of day. Someone who will always have your back, and only talk good about you when you’re not around.

The I’ve got your back mug is the perfect way to let your friend know that you will always be there for them. And, of course, it is done in a funny way so it will also give your friend a good laugh.

Other best friends vs YOU

you vs other friends fun mug

For the fabulous friends only fabulous gifts are required. If you want to show your friend just how amazing and flawless they are, this is the mug to do it with.

A unicorn will forever represent a fun and quirky personality, always being flawless and absolutely better than everybody else. The horse indeed has nothing on the rainbow unicorn. This amazing and funny unicorn mug will be the best reminder of it daily.

Small but feisty mug

sensitive funny mugs

If you want to find some funny coffee mugs to give your friends, maybe try looking up some mugs that represent them. It is always fun to see how others see you daily, what characteristics and personality traits are the ones that would be used to describe ourselves.

This Small but feisty mug is an amazing gift for anybody who can get a little emotional and sensitive once in a while but will never easily give up. This gift will remind them in the days when they don’t feel so good, that they will never give up either way. So might as well suck it up and go fight against the world!

I love tits mug

tits mug funny

Everybody enjoys a good word play, correct? This is a funny example of how a funny word can mean something totally different when you see the photo.

This I love tits mug is perfect for a friend who has a great sense of humour. Besides that, the mug is actually very cool looking. Therefore it will no doubt look good in the kitchen and take the attention of the guests who are visiting your friend.

Don’t speak mug

dont speak mug

For the real coffee lovers there can’t be anything worse than starting your day without a hot cup of coffee. It helps you wake up and just slowly start to function in general. This mug is an amazing representation of just how it feels to sip your first cup of coffee of the day.

The funny coffee mug is a perfect gift for your friend who loves coffee. It is also a great gift for everybody around your friend because they will finally know why they are so hard to talk to in the early morning. Not everybody can be a morning bird, can they?

Don’t go bacon my heart

breakfast cup of coffee

Another example of funny word play is found from one of the most popular Elton Jonh’s song Don’t go breaking my heart. In this funny mug, the lyrics of the song are changed to fit your friend’s brekafast scenery much better than the original would.

This funny cup of coffee says Don’t go bacon my heart, I couldn’t if I fried. This gift will be perfect for not only a friend with a good sense of humor, but also to one who can’t imagine mornings without bacon and eggs. What a great start to the day funny coffee mugs like this one can give to your friend!

You’re on mute

mute funny mugs

This mug is another version of the previously mentioned mug of ”Don’t speak to me until I’ve had my first cup of morning coffee”. This one is very similar however it’s in a more simple and aesthetically pleasing design. For a friend who loves good design but still appreciates funny jokes, this mug would be great for.

The elegant You’re on mute mug is also very durable. You can place it in the microwave without worrying. This is the perfect mug for making hot chocolate in cold and rainy days.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list of funny coffee mugs you can give to your friends!

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