Symbolic gifts for Scorpios 

Scorpios celebrate their birthdays from October 24th all the way to November 22dn. Scorpio is a Water sign and is perhaps the most complex and confusing sign of the zodiac. They are outspoken and very ambitious, which is why they stand out. They take life to extremes – either very seriously or lightly, therefore gifts for Scorpios also have to be carefully chosen.

In this article we have compiled symbolic gifts for Scorpios who believe in zodiac signs and their meanings. Here you will find some cute and fun gift ideas for Scorpios who love to learn more on themselves.

Scorpio Decorative Pillow

gifts for Scorpios

Scorpios love good aesthetics when it comes to decorating their homes. Most often they do not go overboard with colors and different styles – they find what they like and stick to it. Everything has a place where it should be. Therefore if you know your Scorpio’s personal style when it comes to interior design, a home decor could be a good gift for their birthday. 

An easy option is a decorative pillow with their zodiac sign printed onto it. You can pick the dimension you would like as well as the pillow itself or just the cover. This pillow is the perfect accessory since it is very simple yet beautiful. Perfect for anyone who loves being a Scorpio and shares it loud and proud. 

Beautiful Scorpio sign pendant

scorpio pendant gift

Another beautiful Scorpio gift idea is this gorgeous pendant. Jewelry is a nice gift to give and to receive. Ēspecially if you know your Scorpio’s preferred metals. If it happens to be gold, then this Scorpio pendant will make a great birthday gift.

For a more personal touch the seller offers the opportunity to engrave your own message onto the pendant. That would make the gift more special. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones, girlfriend or wife, or bestie, this would be a cute choice.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Gift Box

scorpio gift box

If you are struggling in finding the right gift for your Scorpio, then it makes sense how you would’ve found this article. And even then – if none of the gift ideas interest you, then an already made gift box is always an option. It is perfect for those who already have everything and can mostly buy themselves anything they need.

In those cases, well put together gift boxes are a beautiful birthday gift. This Scorpio gift box will be perfect for coffee lovers. It consists of dark chocolate and chili coffee. With a personalized touch of a zodiac sign printed onto the coffee. 

Scorpio sweatshirt

scorpio sweatshirt gift

Another gift idea for Scorpios is clothing. When it comes to clothes, everybody has such a variety of different styles these days that shopping even for your bestie can be tough at times. Therefore something universal and comfortable such as a hoodie or weather can be a simple enough yet great pick.

A tasteful and elegant Scorpio crewneck can be a good birthday gift for the comfort lovers. And yes, you heard that right – elegant. Make sure to pick your Scorpios favorite color palette so it matches the style. We highlighted a white and dark brown options which Scorpios could love the most.

Scorpio Themed Candle

gifts for Scorpios

Who doesn’t love a good candle? Nobody comes to mind, therefore we instantly add this as a great gift idea, at least in our lists. Etsy is known for beautiful, handmade pieces that are unique. Candles are one of those things that Etsy is truly the best place to shop for. 

The Scorpio candle is jasmine scented. Topped with Calendula petals, Unakite, Lapis Lazuli, and Citrine crystals. It will not only look absolutely stunning, but also smell like heaven. With a simple and aesthetically pleasing label design this candle will fit perfectly in your Scorpio’s home. 

Funny Scorpio Zodiac Mug

scorpio mug

Scorpios definitely have a sense of humor and often they like to laugh about themselves too. For those who love having a good laugh, think of getting them a funny gift for their birthday. For example, something funny and related to their zodiac sign.

Scorpios are often considered dramatic, so this Scorpio mug is a fun way to let them indulge in what they love doing. If your Scorpio loves drinking coffee or tea, then make sure to add that to the mug and the perfect little gift is done. 

Scorpio Gold Necklace

necklace with scorpio zodiac

What can we say – women love their jewelry. If the previous pendant seemed a little off and not for your Scorpio, then maybe a round one will fit to her taste better. This silver sterling gold Scorpio necklace is a beautiful gift for your sister, best friend, girlfriend or wife.

The necklace is perfect for layering, besides you can choose how long you want the necklace to be. When looking for gifts for Scorpios, make sure the quality is good and the reviews are all clear. That will only ensure the fact that your birthday girl will love the gift and wear it all the time. 

Scorpio Crystal set with Meaning

scorpio crystal set

For those who are very into their zodiac sign and astrology in general, crystals could be of interest. When it comes to finding out more about your zodiac sign and exploring symbolic gifts for Scorpios, their birthstones could have some answers. 

This beautiful Scorpio crystal set is a cute present for a birthday. This amazing gift set for Scorpio star signs features 5 crystals which compliment Scorpio’s Determined, Ambitious and Brave attributes. The crystals that do so are unakite, amethyst, rose quartz, gray banded agate, red jasper. 

Bright Scorpio poster

affirmation poster for scorpio

A good gift idea for your Scorpio’s home interior design, is this Scorpio affirmation poster. Get them a print of these affirmations so they can remind themselves of their most amazing features every day. 

On this poster you will find affirmations such as the following:

  • I am powerful, passionate and intuitive.
  • I am brave, unapologetically ambitious, and utilize my strengths to bring success to all areas of my life.
  • I am making the choice to not hold onto the things that eat at me- anything that weighs me down or holds me back, I let go of now.

And so on. A beautiful gift for your Scorpio who loves affirmations and uses them daily. 

Scorpio birth chart reading in hardcover book

Scorpio birth chart reading

And last but not least, a book for birth chart reading. This will be perfect for those Scorpios who love astrology and simply want to know more about themselves and their loved ones. You would have to provide the Etsy seller with your Scorpio’s birth data for the precise chart and reading. 

The book itself will be filled out with about 40 pages on your Scorpio, their characteristics, advantages, difficulties and so on. This is an amazing gift idea for a birthday. 

Hopefully these symbolic gifts for Scorpios have helped you find one for your birthday Scorpio too!

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