Zodiac related birthday gifts for Virgos

Virgos celebrate their birthdays from August 22nd all the way to September 22nd. They are born in the sign of Earth. These people are usually very precise and detail oriented therefore keep that in mind while choosing birthday gifts for Virgos. 

If you’re looking for any fun and symbolic birthday gifts for Virgos, then in this article you will find some. 

However if you’re looking for gifts that are not about symbolism, then you can check out the article mentioned at the end of this one.

Cute Virgo constellation t-shirt

gifts for Virgos t-shirt

T-shirts are one of the easiest articles of clothing to give somebody for their birthday or any other celebration. A personalized gift is always appreciated, besides, t-shirts are very easy to personalize. For example, this Virgo t-shirt has a very cool design of the Virgo constellation as well as a goddess-like woman as the main character.

The best way to order a t-shirt is to measure an already existing one at home. If you have your favorite t-shirt, measure that one and follow the size guide. If you are looking for a present, then take an approximate measure since t-shirts are fairly easy to pick a size for. Always remember that a bigger t-shirt will be better than smaller since oversized is always stylish.

Engraved Virgo wine glass

virgo wine glass gift

As said earlier, the more personalized your gift is, the better it will be enjoyed and accepted. This amazing Virgo wine glass is a cool way to personalize a gift and add a touch of originality to the kitchen ware at home. This gift will be cool to receive as a singular glass if your Virgo loves collecting different kinds of them.

However this gift will also be great given as a set of four, six or even eight. If your Virgo enjoys a glass of wine once in a while then a personalized glass will be just in time. The seller promises a permanent, flawless image that will never rub, wear or chip off. We love a long lasting gift that will make our Virgo happy for a long time.

Virgo constellation art piece

virgo art gift

Art is an amazing gift to give as well as enjoy receiving it. While looking for gifts for Virgos, art is a great option. This Virgo constellation art piece comes in a shape of plate that can be used in multiple ways. As any other piece of art, it is always open for interpretation. If your Virgo loves art and creativity and would love an original and unique art in their home, this is the one to choose.

The brass dots in this iron plate represent the stars of the zodiac sign Virgo, the Maiden. And, of course, the constellation of the Virgo gives this gift a personalized touch that will mean a lot. From a visual point of view this art piece is truly unique and spectacular. It is very original and we can guarantee it to be a conversation starter.

Virgo crystal gift set

gifts for Virgos

Every sign of the zodiac represents different values, characteristics and therefore symbols. Crystals are one of those things that every sign can have – they carry a deep meaning and some believe that these crystals even have  healing power. If your Virgo is into that mindset as well, Virgo crystals will be a fun gift to receive.

This beautiful set as seen in the photo above includes six alluring and genuine quality gemstones. It makes a perfect gift for those born under the astrological star sign of Virgo. Each stone symbolizes a specific power that it can give to the receiver of the crystals. For example, Amethyst is an ultra calming stone, however a Sodalite is considered to be a stone of communication.

Personalized zodiac ring

virgo zodiac ring gift

Jewelry is a beautiful gift to give to your friends and loved ones on their birthdays. So from now on this article will contain some amazing jewelry pieces to give to your special Virgo. This first one is a Virgo custom ring that is open for customization of your choice. You can combine two different symbols for your Virgo or maybe even add another sign to it.

It could be a cute present to your loved one combining both of your signs in one ring. And make sure to get matching rings then to both carry your love throughout the days. It is a beautiful gift that allows you to choose two constellations of your friend or lover, engrave on the ring and wear it with you.

Virgo sterling silver ring

virgo sterling silver gift ring

A totally unique and astonishing piece of jewelry is this amazing Virgo sterling silver ring. The attention to detail in this piece of jewelry is absolutely amazing. For that reason this gift is considerably more pricey than others we have mentioned. With that being said, this gift seems perfect for special holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.

The engraving details of the 925k handmade silver ring are very detailed and eye-catching. The ring is coated with oxide to emphasize the details of handmade engraving. For those who love high quality jewelry that is unique and original, this Etsy seller will be perfect for. Definitely check them out. 

Morning ritual Virgo coffee set

virgo gift set

Once again the personalized gift ideas are the ones to choose. While looking for gifts for Virgos, think of what your Virgo loves the best. For example, do they love coffee or tea more? Attention to such details will guarantee for you to pick the best gift. This awesome Virgo coffee set will be perfect for those who cannot imagine their days without coffee.

The packaging of this coffee truly says it all. How beautiful – aesthetically pleasing and unique? Cannot forget about the added coffee mug on the right. One package of coffee consists of a 250g of medium roast, filter ground, 100% Arabica coffee. The seller’s rainforest alliance, certified blend is made using single origin coffee beans, responsibly sourced in Colombia, India, Vietnam, Brazil & El Salvador.

Virgo zodiac necklace

virgo necklace zodiac symbol

Since we are adding jewelry related gifts for Virgos, it only makes sense to add a necklace too. Some prefer to wear rings, others – necklaces. Some, of course, wear them all. Therefore this beautiful Virgo necklace will be a cute gift to give to your best friend or lover. 

This necklace has a dainty look to it with the added symbol of the Virgo zodiac. For those who love their zodiac sign and digging deeper in the meaning will love this kind of gift. It is a 14k gold filled chain that has an ageless look to it. 

Virgo all ready gift set

gifts for Virgos

An easy way to find a cute gift is to order an already packed and all ready gift set. Those are perfect for occasions when you are trying to find a gift last minute or if you do not have enough time on your hands to go around and pick items yourself. Besides, oftentimes these gift sets are so well done and put together that everybody would love to get one.

This Virgo gift set consists of big scented candle with Tiffany crystals and gemstone, one soy wax sachet, moisturizing healing cream praline for dry skin, Himalayan bath salts, 3 magic quartz crystal energy stones, moonstone necklace, scrubby soap bar and gift card. Anything that you could possibly want for your birthday – a cute home spa day!

Constellation Virgo pendant necklace

virgo constellation pendant

And even though we already have a few jewelry pieces added in this article, we couldn’t miss this gorgeous Virgo constellation pendant. It looks very mesmerizing and almost magical. For those who love statement pieces to wear on special occasions or everyday life, this one will do the job just right.

The materials used in the making of this beautiful necklace are wood and glass. The glass is the one that gives this necklace such a mystery and shiny look. And of course the personalization of the constellation is what this gift is truly about.  

We hope you loved these symbolic gifts for Virgos!

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