Onboarding gift ideas

Onboarding is starting a new job and getting used to everyday life in the new company. The onboarding process comes with some onboarding gift kits to welcome new hires.

The main goal of the onboarding gifts is to make your employee feel welcome. Onboarding gifts are often something that they will find helpful both in their new job and everyday life.

If you are looking for onboarding gift ideas, you will find useful and fun gifts in the article.

Reusable water bottle

water bottle gift

A water bottle is a necessary and environmentally friendly item that businesses should consider providing to all their employees. It is something that you should include in your company’s onboarding kits. And it never hurts to put a small company logo on the bottle.

Reusable water bottles help take your water with you anywhere. It is something that can be used both in the office and outside of it too. Besides, filling up your reusable water bottle in the office is more convenient than regularly filling up a glass. Not to mention that a water bottle is amazing to take anywhere with you – in the car, throw it in the bag, etc.

A hat with a company logo

hat with company logo

Speaking of the company logos, more onboarding gift ideas include a hat. That is a straightforward accessory to give to other people. Employees that wear company-branded clothing will not only feel more a part of the team and organization, but they will also promote your brand everywhere they go.

Employee marketing is one of the best strategies out there. As long as your company culture is impressive, your employees will love promoting their amazing workplace. So really, it is a win/win situation.

Healthy snack box

healthy snack kit

Snacks are always a good idea, especially when it comes to gifts. If your company revolves around snacks and different products, then it is a good idea to introduce your products to your employees. But if you do not, snack boxes and kits are a welcome gift for new hires.

Those can be snacks from a local company, maybe even your company’s clients or business partners. Onboarding gift ideas are an excellent way to incorporate products from other business partners.

Notebooks and pens

notebooks and pens

Office supplies are also great onboarding gift ideas. There are many kinds of office supplies that your new employees could possibly need. Think of what they will end up using the most at their exact job position. The main goal of onboarding is to provide anything and everything necessary for the job.

Although most of the time these days work is being done digitally, notebooks and pens can still be a nice gesture. At times for many people it could be easier to write down their ideas and plans on a piece of paper.

A t-shirt

tshit Onboarding gift ideas

T-shirts are a fun gift to give out your new employees because at the end of the day everybody wears them. Besides, it is very simple to shop for somebody else when it comes to t-shirts. You only need to know the approximate sizing.

Giving staff company-branded t-shirts can also benefit the business. The emblem or logo on a t-shirt can promote the company’s philosophy. It can also enhance brand awareness given that it is a piece of apparel that people can actually wear and is not offensive.

Personalized handwritten welcome note

welcome note Onboarding gift ideas

Well-written handwritten letters are wonderful since they can provide the employee welcome kit a special, emotive touch. It might not seem much at first, however when you start a new job position, little things like this help. 

Employees who start working at organizations without accepting such a letter are less likely to feel special and like a member of the team right away than those who do. It is a good impression for the employee to receive from the company. 

Coffee mug

coffee mug for new hires

Another great onboarding gift idea is a coffee mug. Where there is an office, there should be plenty of coffee to drink. Therefore everybody needs their own coffee mug. Don’t make your employee worry about gathering everything they need for their new work. Make onboarding the time when you take care of your new hires.

A coffee mug isn’t particularly unique, but it is unquestionably practical. If your company has a bigger budget for these gifts, opt for a thermo insulated mug. One that will keep your employee’s coffee hot for hours. Those are not only very useful but also super trendy at the moment to have. 

This gift was also included in the Google Onboarding Gift article. So take a hint from google itself and know what is a good onboarding gift to your new employees.

Fun stickers

Onboarding gift ideas stickers

Stickers are rarely useful but definitely fun. These are typically utilized as laptop or portfolio stickers. And because they are reasonably priced, you may include a variety in a pack that is sure to contain something for everyone.

You can choose stickers that will be related to your company – with the logo, for example. But you can also choose some fun stickers that your employees will want to use. It could be something motivational or in the right aesthetic. Then your new hires will for sure use them and put them on their computers etc. 

Hopefully now you know exactly what to give your new hires.

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