Libra gifts ideas related to horoscope

Libras celebrate their birthdays from September 23rd to October 23rd. They are born in the sign of air therefore often are considered to be floating around both in their opinions and decisions. That might be a little tricky when it comes to searching for good Libra gifts for their birthdays. We are here to help you with that.

If you’re looking for some fun and symbolic birthday gifts for Libra, then in this article you will find some. 

However if you’re looking for gifts that are not about symbolism, then you can check out the article mentioned at the end of this one.

Personalized Birth chart reading in hardcover book

Libra gifts book

One of the most unique Libra gifts that we could find is this personalized birth chart book that you can customize to your Libra. All you have to do is write the seller some basic information about the time your Libra was born etc. Then they will customize the book for you and it will be the best surprise for your Libra.

At more than 40 pages, this book gives a highly thorough study that reveals the varied nature of your personality traits and arranges them into a coherent whole. It will definitely be a very interesting read for your beloved Libra.

Libra Zodiac Gift Gift Box Set

gift set for libra

More than we might think, our birthday offers insight into who we are. According to legend, a horoscope can reveal the depths of our character, thus this priceless zodiac gift box is the ideal present for her.

This Libra gift box is a beautiful and enjoyable gift to receive and give. It is filled with a bunch of different goodies and you can pick the type of box. For example, in the photo the spa box is shown. This option will be perfect for Libras and those who love to simply relax and enjoy peace in their homes.

Libra Zodiac Sign 3D Engraved Crystal

3d crystal libra

The next gift idea for your Libra is this Zodiac sign 3D crystal piece of art. It has a gorgeous representation of the horoscope element inside the crystal which slightly glows. It will be a beautiful decor to put out on the desk or shelf. 

These reminders of the Libra zodiac signs are amazing Libra gifts to give them on birthdays. These kinds of gifts are very special and close to heart. Even though this beautiful decor does take up some space, it will be a nice reminder of who you are. If your Libra is into sentimental gifts, which they most likely are, this is the winner.

Zodiac Related Tumbler for drinks

tumble for drinks gifts

This September or October, anyone will love receiving this Libra tumbler as a birthday present. The graphics on this premium 20 oz slender tumbler with straw have a gloss finish and will never fade. It is both practical and also very aesthetically pleasing which is no less important to our Libras.

You have the possibility to personalize this gift especially for your special Libra. That way this gift will be that much more special and with the added value to it. The baby pink color is very Libra like therefore they will definitely love it.

Libra Baby star sign mirror

libra baby mirror

A funky and cute present idea for your Libra is this beautiful Libra art mirror. These tiny mirrors are used more like art than practical mirrors. They can be put on a wall and used as an amazing art decoration to brighten up your whole room.

Retro, colorful set honoring all star sign newborns! They are the ideal gift and look wonderful on your vanity or on the wall. You can ask the seller for some other color options and see if they can match something up for your Libra. However, as mentioned before, Libras do love them some pink color.

Beautiful Libra candle

candle stones

Candles are another example of cute Libra gifts to give. Everybody loves candles because they can bring such calm and peace to your home. And these days candles do not have to be plain and simple anymore. We enjoy candles that are decorated beautifully and preferably also scented with some of our favorite scents. 

These unique aromatherapy candles with Libra crystals are a wonderful gift for any occasion. Hand-poured with organic soy wax and a combination of grade A therapeutic essential oils, including their Air Aromatherapy blend.

Libra crystal set

crystal set

There is just something about the connection with crystals and zodiac signs that astrology loves. In every zodiac gifts ideas article we try to include a variety of crystals. This one is no exception since these gorgeous crystals will make the perfect gift for your Libra.

The five crystals in this lovely gift set for Libra star signs complement Libra’s diplomatic, courteous, and social qualities. This bundle would be the ideal present for either you or another Libra. You will receive the five crystals listed below in the set, along with a card outlining each crystal’s key metaphysical characteristics, all of which are packaged in a drawstring bag.

Zodiac Necklace with Coin Pendant

Libra gifts

Jewelry is another gift idea that can never get old. Especially since jewelry is so easy to carry the meaning of something special with. If you want to give your Libra something cute and meaningful then this amazing coin pendant necklace is what to pick. It has a tiny symbol of Libra itself on it.

Your Libra will be able to wear it alone or stack it with other chains of all lengths to make a statement with this Gold Vermeil Libra Zodiac Necklace. On both sides of the coin are imprints of the specific sign. The necklace is comfortable to wear and hypoallergenic because of its skin-friendly material.

Cute Libra Zodiac mug

libra mug cute

Mugs are gifts that can be both simple and beautiful. They are for sure practical which ensures that your Libra will probably actually use this mug in their everyday life. But with the help of the special added elements of horoscope prints this Libra mug elevates brightness.

With the help of this custom ceramic mug, your Libra will be able to feel warm within. It is 11 ounces in size, microwave and dishwasher safe, and crafted of sturdy ceramic in your choice of white or black. It provides the ideal gift for your true coffee, tea, or hot chocolate enthusiast thanks to its premium sublimation printing.

Libra Zodiac print

zodiac print art

Libras are lovers of wall art therefore a beautiful and meaningful Libra print will be just the best gift. It is very simple and in light, pastel colors. Our Libras do love some pastel and aesthetically pleasing gifts, therefore this one will be perfect.

These prints are made using premium thick luster paper and long-lasting inks. That is why you do not have to worry about the quality of these posters. They do not come in frames though so if you want to make the gift even more special, frame the poster. Choose a beautiful frame that will complement this piece of art. 

Hopefully you loved these Libra gifts and were able to pick one or two!

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