Birthday gifts for Cancers

Cancer sign is celebrated from June 2st1 to July 20th. They are born in the sign of the Earth. Some resemblance to Cancers is seen with crabs, which symbolize a harsh exterior. In fact, it protects the vulnerable, delicate inside. Similar values are seen in people born in the sign of  Cancer.

If you’re looking for any fun and symbolic birthday gifts for Cancers, then in this article you will find some. 

However if you’re looking for gifts that are not about symbolism, then you can check out the article mentioned at the end of this one.

Crystal set necklace for Cancer zodiac

cancer crystal necklace gift

One of the most beautiful ways to carry around your Zodiac sign with you at all times, is with the help of a beautiful necklace. Each Zodiac sign has their own natural stones and crystals that bear some meaning to the sign. So a perfect gift idea could be this colorful and elegant Cancer crystal set.

The best part about this necklace is that your receiver will be able to switch it up as they wish. The crystals can be worn separately so every day you have almost a totally new kind of necklace. Or another way is to wear all three crystals at once as is shown in the photo. Both ways work and they look beautiful!

Vintage Cancer print tote bag

cancer tote bag gift

Tote bags are a great gift idea and an addition to your everyday life in general. If you are looking for a gift idea for somebody who is trying to be more eco conscious and aware, then a sustainable gift is always a good idea. Therefore a cotton tote bag will be both very cool and also useful in everyday life.

To make this gift more special, choose something related to the receiver’s Zodiac sign. For example, this Cancer tote bag has a huge tarot card on it. It is a fun design that looks awesome and also has some meaning to the owner of it.

Cancer throw pillow 

cacer throw pillow gift

When thinking about what are great birthday gifts for Cancers, you need to remember their character. Most Cancers are quite laid back and chill, they love spending time at home and being cozy. That is why something for their home, for comfort or decoration, could make an amazing gift idea.

This colorful and bright Cancer pillow is one option. It will always stand out and will especially be great in rooms that have very balanced colors chosen. This throw pillow with a Cancer print on it is very cute and will for sure be a conversation starter when guests visit your receiver’s home. And in the best way possible!

Beautiful Cancer Zodiac earrings

cancer zodiac gift earrings

Another beautiful jewelry example are these Cancer sign earrings. They are made into a very minimalistic design with a symbol of the Cancer Zodiac sign. To make the gift even more special, this Etsy seller offers to add a birthday or Mother’s day card to the gift. That way it can feel a lot more personalized.

The Cancer star sign earrings charm can also be removed so that you have the plain hoop which gives you two pairs of earrings in one. That way these earrings are very universal and easy to wear. 

Cancer Zodiac candle

cancer scented candle gift

While looking for birthday gifts for Cancers, know that they love peace and quiet to some extent. And the best gift we can think of for a good and calming atmosphere is a beautiful scented candle. This amazing Cancer Zodiac candle is not only meaningful but also very beautiful in each detail of the design.

You can select the size of the candle as well as the scent you want to choose. There are a few meaningful crystals attached to this candle. Those are the following – Star Anise, Black Pepper, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone.

Horoscope Tarot Card blanket

Birthday gifts for Cancers

A very useful and also fun gift idea is this Cancer Horoscope blanket. This blanket is made from cotton therefore it is comfortable and very soft. The design is very special since it is from the Cancer tarot card. It will definitely catch the eyes of the visitors and will be a great conversation starter as well.

These blankets are beautiful and can also be hung on the wall as a wall tapestry. It really depends on what the receiver will want to do with it. Either way this gift is very beautiful and feels special to give somebody whose sign is Cancer.

Handmade Sterling silver Cancer necklace

sterling silver necklace cancer

We like to include these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces in every article because they are so special and beautiful. This exact Silver Cancer necklace is perfect for both men and women. Anybody who loves this style of jewelry would enjoy getting this beautiful piece for their birthday. 

The engraving details of the 925k handmade silver necklace are very detailed and eye-catching. The fact that this is all handmade is even more special so do not forget to mention that to the receiver. The thought of it makes this gift even more cool. This pendant and chain are sterling silver and oxidized plating. Therefore quality is high, too.

Cancer Zodiac art print

Birthday gifts for Cancers

Another gift idea for somebody whose star sign is Cancer, could be something for their interior at home or office. This fun looking Cancer art poster is one of the best options we could find on the Etsy platform. It is unique, very fun and colorful. In all of these symbols there is a crab because it is most commonly associated with the Cancer Zodiac.

You can select the size you want and even choose to put this artwork on canva. In our opinion, that is the best way since canvas can truly look like paintings. They will last a while and add some spice to any room the recipient will choose to put it in. 

Cute Cancer sign phone case

Birthday gifts for Cancers

If you are looking for more of a practical gift idea for your friend, then maybe a cool phone case will be it. Nowadays there are so many phone case options that you can switch them up almost every day. It has become an accessory that you can match to your whole outfit or even a mood of the day. 

This Cancer iPhone case is made into a minimalist design and looks very adorable. Besides, this sleek iPhone case protects your phone from scratches, dust, oil, and dirt. It has a solid back and flexible sides that make it easy to take on and off, with precisely aligned port openings.

Cancer Constellation mug

cancer gift constellation mug

We could not pass by this cute Cancer Constellation mug. It is such a simple design yet for some reason very beautiful and eye-catching. The mug looks very carefully made with huge attention to details. It almost looks painted which makes it that much more special. You can choose a color from gold, silver or metallic blue.

What is great about this mug is that you can personalize it by adding your Cancer’s name, initials or anything else you’d like. The personalization option is always much appreciated because the gift feels very special. Nobody else will have one like this one. 

Cancer sign embroidery kit

Birthday gifts for Cancers

And lastly we will leave this amazing gift idea for those who are crafty and love getting into projects. This is basically a gift that will let your Cancer do it themselves. It is a Star Sign embroidery kit that comes with everything your recipient will need in order to make beautiful art of their sign.

You can choose the colors and the star sign. After that the receiver will have your chosen design either pre-printed onto bright white cotton calico fabric. There will also be some embroidery needles as well as cotton threads. For those who love creating fun things themselves this will be the best surprise for the birthday.

Hope you loved these birthday gifts for Cancers!

May your Cancer’s birthday be full of love and joy!

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