Birthday gifts for your boyfriend

Birthday gifts for your boyfriend can be hard to find, especially if you’re on a budget. The gift has to be meaningful but also practical. Taking into consideration these two things, we have compiled a list of fun presents to surprise your boyfriend for his birthday.

Here you will find some gifts that he will find useful in his everyday life, some others will be more romantic and cute. Some might even include some trips that you both could take together.

Happy gift hunting!

Cute messages in a bottle

messages in the bottle

A very cute gift ide to start off with is this messages in the bottle gift. This is an amazing DIY project that you can make yourself. Write down a bunch of notes for your boyfriend. Those can be cute letters, little jokes, words of encouragement and love.

In times when your boyfriend will miss you or just feel a little bit low, he will be able to take one message out of the bottle. It will surely brighten up his mood and day in general. This is a very thoughtful gift idea for your loved ones, if we’ve ever seen one.

A cool dinosaur T-shirt

dinosaur t-shirt

You wouldn’t want to give him something he would never use. Therefore, a T-Shirt is a great gift,    because he can wear it in his free time or even daily. Why a dinosaur? Because they’re strong and perhaps it can make your boyfriend feel a bit stronger and more confident about himself as well!

Also, this T-shirt can become a nice reminder of you, so it’s win – win situation. If you know that your boyfriend is not a fan of dinosaurs, you can choose a dragon or a lion instead.

Underwear subscription boxes

men underwear

It is more common for men to buy lingerie for their partners BUT who said that it’s only a good gift for women? Right, nobody. Subscription boxes are great way how to delight your significant other not just once, but every month! That way you can have a little fiesta throughout the year!

This is one of those gift ideas that are very practical but also fun. Getting a subscription means never really truly knowing what you will get. We will go as far as to say it will feel like Christmas every month.

A pair of designer sunglasses

a pair of cool sunglasses

While most men are not crazy about accessories, it is safe to say that sunglasses are exceptional. Sunglasses can be a great additional to his daily life. No matter what season, they are useful. Sunglasses are not just handy, they can also add a nice touch to his outfit.

However, there are things to keep in mind while shopping – his face shape, lifestyle and personal style. Choose a reputable brand and your gift will last for years. Raybans will never make you go wrong!

Gift card for his hobby

gift card for hobby

One of the best things in the world is feeling supported by your loved ones. By giving a gift card that he can use for his hobby, you’re showing that you care about the things that makes him happy. Don’t forget to ask your boyfriend, what he ended up buying (to remind him of the awesome gift that YOU chose).

Gift card is the best gift since it means you will not get the wrong gift. Some say gift cards are boring but that isn’t the case at all. Just make sure you wrap up the gift card in a cute packaging, with a message inside. That way it will feel more personal.

Gift card for a romantic holiday together

romantic holiday cruise

While thinking about gift ideas for your boyfriend, romantic get away probably crossed your mind. Think of some places that he would like to go. Besides, it’s the process that matters, not the location.

Either it is a nice SPA or a cruise trip – it’s just about you two and time well spent together. A gift like that will definitely surprise him. And if you really want to get him on the hook, tell him that you plan to bring a special set of lingerie, too.

A fun adventure

fun adventure

If your boyfriend enjoys a bit of adrenaline rush, activity holidays for him and his friends is a way to go. There are many things to choose from: quad bike rides, paintball games, water sports or motorbike rides. If you enjoy those things yourself – it would only make this gift better, if you joined in.

We all need to have some time for adventures too. That is what keeps us going through tough times and daily stress. It is always so pleasant to receive gifts from your loved ones that encourage you to do something fun.

Some useful workshop

fun and useful workshop

Is there something your boyfriend has always wanted to try? Either it’s photography or baking the perfect pastel de nata or developing his own video game. Now, you can help him to achieve this little dream. Think of your gift as encouragement and book him a workshop!

To make it more fun, book it for two people. Depending on what the workshop is, maybe you can go with him. Or maybe he can use this time to bond with his sibling or close friend.

Food delivery gift card

food delivery

Sometimes the only thing you need to nail the gift is to make it unexpected. This is where food delivery services become your friends. Order a big pizza, sushi set or whatever – he – has – been – craving – lately to his workplace. He will not only feel surprised, he will also feel appreciated. Maybe this is not the best present for a birthday – but for a smaller occasion it will work out perfectly!

Now when you have gone through different ideas, all you need to do is to pick something that fits the occasion and his personality the most. Fingers crossed that he will love his gift!

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