Unique birthday gifts for Leos

Leos celebrate their birthdays from July 21st to August 21st. The ones born under the Leo sign are the signs of Fire. That is for sure seen in their personalities therefore it is no wonder Leos are often described as proud, confident and driven. If you’re looking for some unique birthday gifts for Leos, this is the article for you.

If you’re looking for any fun and symbolic birthday gifts for Leos, then in this article you will find some. However to find gifts with no symbolism check out the article mentioned at the end of this one.

Happy gift hunting!

Leo graphic crewneck

leo crewneck gift

If you want to give your Leo something fun and also comfortable, then a soft cotton crewneck is where it’s at. This beautiful Leo graphic crewneck is available in two colors – white and black. For a classic Leo these are amazing options because they remain elegant and simple at the same time.

Since this is the article with symbolic gifts, this crewneck belongs right in. It has a cool element of displaying the constellation of the Leo sign. Added to it is a beautiful flower that has been considered to be a birth flower of Leo – poppy.  

Personalized Leo candle

leo candle gift

Another fun idea for birthday gifts for Leos is a candle. For those who believe in horoscope candles are often seen as special parts of that whole belief system as well. Candles after all are amazing things to have at your home, they truly light up any room and just bring cozy vibes to it. This beautiful Leo candle will not only be useful but also very beautiful to look at.

Candles like this one are so special. Starting from the design, it is just so elegant and aesthetically pleasing. You can really tell that there has been a lot of effort put into it. The best part about this candle in particula is the option of added scent. You can choose from scents such as botanical gardens, island breeze and others. Descriptions of the scents are added below by the Etsy seller.

Lion coin pendant

lion pendant etsy gift

Jewelry is another amazing option for birthday gifts for Leos. If you want to get your Leo something special, dainty and with added meaning, then this Leo coin pendant could be an amazing option to choose. Coin pendants have been very popular for quite some time now however they are so elegant and simple that we do not see them getting out of style anytime soon. 

The necklace is sterling silver, golden plated. As seen in the photo above, it looks very beautiful when it is layered with other necklaces too. When ordering this necklace, you have the option to choose the length of the necklace. Simply think of the length of necklaces your Leo typically wears and choose similar.

Silver Lion pendant

silver lion pendant gift

A good option for a Leo that loves wearing silver jewelry is this beautiful Silver Lion pendant. This particular piece is a true work of art that also costs accordingly. So if you are looking for a more exclusive and expensive piece of jewelry to give to either man or woman, this is an amazing option to choose.

The necklace itself is made from sterling silver, the style of it is minimal. The best part about what this exact Etsy seller offers is to personalize the necklace. If you have any specific things you would like to change or add, it can be arranged.  This necklace radiates confidence and a strong mind which is perfect for Leos.

Leo Zodiac crystal set

leo stones gift set

A quite opposite of the last gift idea comes this Leo Zodiac crystal set. Opposite in the sense of looks – being all cute, dainty and colorful. When it comes to zodiac signs, crystals and stones are  a part of the meaning of each sign. Therefore each horoscope sign has its own crystals that have a meaning to them.

This will be a cute gift for anybody who believes in crystals and their carried meaning. These ones come along with a card where each crystal is explained. This way the gift will be not only meaningful but also beautiful. You Leo will be able to place it on the shelf or beside a bedside table, for good vibes and energy.

Cute Leo scrunchie

leo scrunchie gift

Scrunchies have been in style for quite some time too. They have had a big comeback and now are the most widely used replacement of basic hair ties. And to make the collection of your Leo’s scrunchies even more cool, add this beautiful Leo scrunchie to it. 

A gorgeous, golden scrunchie, lovingly hand sewn with all original designs. Those include such symbols as the star sign, the constellation, the symbolic lion and the official flower of Leo; the sunflower. Previously we mentioned Poppy yet sunflowers are also considered the birth flowers of the Leo sign. So why not have both?

Leo art print

leo art print gift

Another amazing choice of birthday gift ideas for Leos is some art. Leos are lovers of minimalism yet with a pop of color here and there. They love anything that shows off their amazing style and eye for interior design. So if you know your Leo loves art, then an original print could be a fun gift idea.

This particular print is very quirky and interesting since it has a character of Leo printed on it. The Leo art print is printed onto high-quality thick luster paper with quality long lasting inks. This would be a perfect gift for anybody who wants to feel strong and confident – maybe even seeing a part of themselves in this artwork. 

Leo Leather wallet

birthday gifts for Leos

While looking for birthday gifts for Leos that are with added symbolism it is possible to also find practical solutions. For example, this Leo leather wallet is one choice. If your friend that you are looking for the gift for is in need of a new and fresh wallet, it can be a good gift idea. Just remember that it is widely believed that wallets cannot be given empty.

Other than that, this wallet is purely made from real leather. That fact guarantees high quality for the specific item. It is premium full grain leather with a worn and distressed look that will age beautifully. For somebody who wears down their wallet easily, it is especially important to get a wallet of high quality.

Lion bracelet for men

leo bracelet birthday gifts for Leos

Our next item is this beautiful yet simple Lion bracelet made from onyx and labradorite stones. It is marketed for men however  we believe that anybody can wear any item they’d like. This could be an amazing gift choice for both women and men. The best part about this bracelet are the used stones which carry some meaning to them.

Labradorite is the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. When it comes to onyx, it is associated primarily with the root chakra. It assists with challenges in life, especially those caused by a drain of energy. It prevents the draining away of personal energy and can be used for protection from such.

Silver Lion ring

birthday gifts for Leos

It was believed that centuries ago, men especially, would wear rings with some symbolism on them. It was done so to honor their gods as well as mark their prestige and status in the community. Honoring these symbols, this Lion ring has been made. With special attention to details, this ring is perfect for anybody who associates with the symbol of lions.

As the Etsy seller says themself, they know the importance of these symbols, and the desire to cap off a look with something that represents who you are. Whether you’re a veteran, father, artist, or simply like to look good. 

Leo personalized whiskey set

leo whiskey set

Personalized gifts are always the best to receive since there has been an extra mile walked in order to get the specific gift. For those who love drinking whiskey a good gift idea could be a personalized whiskey glass set. This exact Leo whiskey set consists of a personalized glass, leather coaster, whiskey stones and wooden box. 

You can choose to only get a few of these items, without getting the full gift set. To personalize the gift even further, the seller offers to choose the gift box finish. You can choose either dark or light oak to finish up the look. And an amazing gift idea is fully ready!

Hopefully you’ve found some unique and beautiful birthday gifts for Leos. 

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